Guitar Hero II PS2 cheats

Guitar Hero II is one of the most famous musical video games and is the sequel to the first, legendary Guitar Hero produced by Activision.

To play Guitar Hero you need to use a special one guitar shaped controller, sold as a bundle with the game. There are four difficulty levels in the game: Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert. If only the green, red and yellow keys are used in the Easy mode, blue is also used in the medium one, while the difficult one also uses orange. In Expert mode, however, the speed of the music also increases.
Three types of game: Career, Quick Play and Multiplayer. The first represents the classic career to be pursued, with blocks of four or five songs to tackle and overcome to advance to the next level. Once unlocked, these song blocks can also be tackled in Quick Play. Money accumulated in career mode is used to unlock bonus content such as guitars, videos, characters and more.

Johnny Napalm - Punk rock
Judy Nails - Riot Grrrl
Izzy Spark - Hair metal
Pandora - Goth
Axel Steel - Thrash metal
Eddie Knox - Rockabilly
Casey Lynch - Hard rock / Heavy metal
Lars Umlaut - Black metal
Clive Winston - Soft rock
Xavier Stone - Acid rock / Psychedelic rock
Morty - Death metal

O, B, Y, Y, O, B, Y, Y - The crowd has monkey heads
O, Y, O, O, Y, O, Y, Y - Heads on fire
B, O, O, B, O, O, BO, O, B - Horse heads

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