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First of all, We Happy Few it's a survival game, so to stay alive you need to keep an eye on a lot of things. You can read our Survival Guide to get an idea and get useful tips. Of course, you have to stay healthy, and to do that, you have to keep your vital statistics. Controlling health, stamina, hunger and thirst is an important aspect of survival We Happy Few . There are multiple threats that can hurt you in the game. This guide will help you to understand how to heal and restore your health in We Happy Few .

In We Happy Few , your health status is indicated by a heart-shaped icon under your vital points in the main menu. When you receive damage from an enemy or other threat, you will exhaust a portion of your health by displaying the heart icon in the top left corner of the screen.

Guide We Happy Few : How to Heal


There are several ways to heal in We Happy Few and restore your health indicator. The first way to heal is to sleep. Sleep not only relieves fatigue, but can also cure the entire health indicator based on the length of sleep.

To sleep, you need to find a bed. You can find beds inside every safe house, but you can also find beds all over the world that belong to other NPCs. Be careful when sleeping in a bed other than your own, as this can cause the owner to react violently if you are discovered.

To sleep in a bed, interact with the bed to make a timer appear. Enter the amount of time you want to sleep using the timer to restore health and stamina. Note that the longer you sleep, the hungrier and more thirsty you'll wake up, so keep food and drink on hand if you plan to sleep for an extended period.

Using healing objects

If you need to heal quickly and a bed is not available, the other alternative is to use a consumable item to restore your health. Healing items can be created, purchased or found in excavation sites.

A healing element that can be obtained in the initial phase is the Curative Balm, which will restore a small portion of your health indicator. Preparing the healing balm requires only two Galaad rose petals and can be created in your menu. The conditioners can also be purchased in some vending machines or found inside the excavation sites.

Another element of care that is a little harder to find is the first aid kit, which can be made in a chemistry station. If you don't have the project yet, you'll need to find first aid kits at digging points or you can find them in vending machines.

Use blindfolds

Although bandages do not heal you directly in We Happy Few , they help prevent bleeding, which can have an impact on your overall health. Dirty bandages can also be good for you, but they are also the ones with the additional risk of infection, so use only dirty bandages in case of emergency.

These listed below are the ways you can use in We Happy Few to restore the health of your character.

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