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After the arts and styles in this guide we'll tell you about the best weapons and sets to make the most of them.
It should be noted that in Monster Hunter Generations The "Critical Increase" ability has been added which increases the damage of critical x1.4, with no x1.25 only ability, and the "Weak Spot" ability has been modified which increases the affinity by 50% when hitting parts of the body with raw weakness by 45 or more. Below is a fairly easy to get mixed set that gives you the essential end game skills:

Feather Hayabusa
Cotta Rathalos Silver
Rathalos Silver
Supreme Lord Falda
Silver Rathalos Legs
Activate Affinity +2, Sharp Blade, Sniper and Critical Increase.

Moving on to weapons, where no particular skills are specified you will always have to aim at the critic as the main statistic.

Great Sword

Tiger Broadsword or Night Darkness. Broadsword requires Rapid Charge, Sniper, Increasing Critical and Rapid Critical. For Night Darkness, which already starts with a good affinity, you can decide to increase the attack by giving up Sniper.

Long Sword

Govandan Roving / Cracker Furor

Sword and Shield

Ignis Magma

Dual Blades

Lame Ignis. The Kirin Lightning Blades are also great for weak thunder monsters like the metallic Rath and the Deviljho. Need Thunder Att.Att.Thunder +2, Affinity +2, Repeat, Critical Elemental, Increase Critical. Kirins usually use Toka armor.


Tigrex Hammer. Hammer doesn't make much use of critics, having to hit mostly the head, so it's better to increase the attack rather than put affinity +2. For monsters that don't have the head as a weak point, it's better to keep affinity 2.

Hunting Horn

Furor Horn, Tiger Horn or Melodiascura Akantor. On the horn it is good to use Master Horn skill, which extends the duration of the melodies.


Throw Ignis. With the offensive lance, the Ventus Nargacuga's armour with the addition of Sharp Blade or Sniper is also useful.


Ignis burst. The explosions of the rifle spear do fixed damage on every part of the body, to enhance them you need the Gunner skill.

Switch Axe

Axe Ignis or Axe Ventus

Charge Blade

Tigrex Blade, Rider Furor or Barbadorosso Cinereo.

Insect Glaive

Cinerea Bedlam

Light Bowgun

Albeggio's gaze. With Perforating +, Sniper, Increasing Critical, Affinity +2 and Increasing Strikes.
For crossbow status in hame runs: Isle of God with Attack Status +2, Cartridge, Rinculo +2 and Bombarolo.

Heavy Bowgun

Daora Grande, same skills as the light crossbow.


Arco Lux and Virtus. Normal/Rapid +, Fast Charge (optional), Cartridge, Weak Spot and Ballistics. Alatreon's Commandment bow is also good, with Dragon Att. +2, Affinity +2, Perforating +, Recidivist, Critical elem.

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