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Real name: Tekhartha Zenyatta

Age: 20

Profession: Wandering Guru, adventurer

Base of Operations: Shambali Monastery, Nepal (previous)

Affiliation: Shambali (previous)

Health points: 200

Skills and key points

We've been talking about all the heroes of Overwatch and now it's time to call it quits (for the time being). Today, in fact, we treat the last remaining support: the robotic Zenyatta guru . This hero is absolutely different from all the other supports, he has some pretty interesting features but he is still very difficult to use. His discreet offensive potential is in fact compensated by a rather poor mobility and a rather low number of waist points. Warning: Blizzard has recently modified the hero. Here is the news:

The basic shields have increased by 50 (now it's 50 health and 150 shields).

-Globe of Discord and Globe of Harmony

Bullet velocity increased from 30 to 120.

-Transcendence: Your movement speed is now doubled upon activation. Cures increased from 200 to 300 health per second, so let's start with skill analysis as always:

-Harmony Globe: perfect ability for a support, activating Zenyatta it throws over an ally a healing globe that will continue to do its duty until you die. Unfortunately you can assign one globe at a time so don't hope to keep the whole team under control, but in return your magical orb will work without you nearby. This support mode is perfect for extremely mobile heroes with few life points like Tracer and allows you to play your game freely without always having to stick to your allies.

- Globe of Discord: the exact opposite of the previous globe. This time your target is an enemy that thanks to your little gift will suffer 50% more damage from you and all allies. Also in this case you can assign the globe to one enemy at a time, so try never to stay with unused globes. If possible, always give priority to tanks and targets that are more difficult to shoot down, remember that the globe cannot be assigned to enemies with shields.

- Transcendence (Super): this move was recently enhanced by Blizzard but still has some flaws. Activating Zenyatta it enters a particular mode where it can't use either abilities or weapons, but is immune to damage and automatically heals itself and nearby allies. The range of transcendence is not the maximum and the lack of mobility doesn' Zenyatta t make things easier, but we invite you not to underestimate this ability. The super can be devastating if activated at the right time of a game, imagine you're engaged in a fight at the last second and you're faced with one Zenyatta with the super that makes enemies virtually immortal: it's not a good feeling.

With the super activated Zenyatta is invulnerable, if possible try to use this move in combination with other super and communicate with companions before activation.

Armament and conclusions

Zenyatta does not have a real weapon, this support can throw globes of energy in two ways: individually, with good accuracy and acceptable damage, or in a burst loaded with five spheres. In the latter case it takes some time to gather the energy needed to launch the shot, and being accurate is definitely much more difficult. As we've said, your waistlines aren't particularly exciting, so never shoot alone and try not to expose yourself too much. Your goal is to make the most of the globes to provide support to your allies, Zenyatta is an extremely useful hero if used properly but becomes a real dead weight in the hands of incompetent players. This character suffers in one on one against almost all other heroes, is a very easy target for heroes like Bastion and his lack of mobility makes him an ideal prey even for snipers. So take a few games to learn which risks to take and which ones to avoid and remember: the road to enlightenment is steep and full of pitfalls.

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