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Real name: Angela Ziegler

Age: 37

Profession: Field Physician and Emergency Response

Base of operations: Zurich, Switzerland

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Health points: 200

Skills and key points

Mercy is a very special hero, a character designed to provide support to allies by healing their health and increasing the damage inflicted. We're talking about an extremely mobile hero able to travel great distances in flight but of course the weak points are not lacking: the damage inflicted by Mercy are in fact quite low and it's easy to be killed if you don't use this character properly.

Let's look at skills in detail:

- Guardian Angel: Thanks to this ability Mercy he can move quickly on the battlefield, covering large distances in a short time. To do so, however, you'll need to be close enough to an ally to be able to lock on to it, and as a result, you won't be able to use this ability to move alone. While you're in the air you have the ability to heal, shoot and increase damage inflicted by allies, so this ability is perfect for last-second saves for the benefit of comrades with very few life points.

Unfortunately this ability also Mercy makes you very vulnerable, deaths in flight are quite frequent and we encourage you to be careful (watch out for snipers!). The cooldown time is very short (3 seconds) so you can use it as much as you want.

- Angelic Descent: it's a passive skill that allows you to use the jets of your Valkyrie suit to slow down your fall speed, it's a skill that combines very well with Guardian Angel but, unfortunately, tends to slow you down a bit too much.

- Resurrection (Super): This is the only skill in the game that allows you to bring a companion back from the dead in battle. Use it well and try not to resurrect a single ally in the middle of a large group of enemies, you'll only get a new death. This super is also extremely useful to avoid the downtime needed for comrades to return from the base, we recommend you to use it mainly on tanks and heroes rather slow. As for the number of heroes on the ground to be resurrected you must be able to assess according to the situation, sometimes it is worth spending the skill even just to revive a comrade. Obviously if you have the chance to resuscitate three or more of them don't wait even a second.

Armament and conclusions

Mercy has two weapons at his disposal: the beneficial caduceus and the punitive caduceus. The first is a stick that allows you to recharge the health of your allies or, alternatively, to increase the damage inflicted. There are no reload times, the range of the weapon is quite satisfactory and in some cases you can even afford to let the beam pass through walls.

The second weapon (punitive fall) is the only defensive tool available to you Mercy , a useful gun on short/medium distance that can save your life in extreme situations. We're talking about a rather poor weapon anyway, it would Mercy probably lose in one against almost all the other heroes of the game and for this reason it must always be close to an ally.

At this point it's time to sum it up. Mercy is a support hero difficult to use properly, you have to be able to choose when to risk and make the most of the resurrection ability. Our advice is not to get too attached to heroes who can heal themselves (Soldier-76 for example), try to provide support to maybe more static characters (like Bastion). Hanzo can also be a good target for your attentions, his damage is already quite high and increasing it again you will surely get good results.

Never isolate yourselves because if you get caught without a character to protect you you are practically dead, in case of emergency fly away hooking up with the nearest hero and try to make the most of the little offensive potential offered by the punitive caduceus.

Always remember (when possible of course) to stay behind a cover when treating or increasing allied damage: your beneficial caduceus, as we have already said, has a rather wide range of action and so try to make the most of it.

We advise against choosing this hero in case there is already support, you will find yourself with a team that is too unbalanced.

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