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Real name: Hana Song

Age: 19

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Base of Operations: Busan, South Korea

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Waist Points: 500/150

Skills and key points

Today we return to talk about tank and we dwell in particular on D.Va, hero who has made a lot of discussion fans of Overwatch and that could be modified soon by Blizzard. This character is very mobile considering the category to which it belongs but, like Winston, pays this advantage with a base damage rather low and with defensive skills not exactly excellent. D.Va can be considered as the most fragile tank of the game, but using it well you will still be able to get great results. So let's start, as always, with skill analysis:

- Retrorazzi: a really useful skill that allows D.Va you to move with great agility despite the generous size of the mech. Activating it will unleash all the power of the thrusters and you can reach areas of the map apparently closed to you. The recharge time is low (5 seconds) so you can use it several times in battle to disorient the enemy and take him by surprise.

Let's make a couple of clarifications: this ability is devastating when used in combos with the super, but it takes a bit of precision so take some time to practice; the retrorockets are not just for moving, you can also charge enemies to push them to dangerous points or off the map; your thrusters make you a perfect diversion to allow teammates to do the rest of the work, try not to forget it.

- Defensive Matrix: A similar skill to Reinhardt's but with some absolutely unique elements. Activating it will D.Va create a shield capable of deflecting all bullets for a short period (3 seconds), allowing you to gain some time. Unfortunately the recharge time is heavy (10 seconds), the shield protects you only frontally and can't do anything against hand-to-hand or ray attacks.

- Self-destruction (super): the super di D.Va is probably the most famous move of (if you play Overwatch it with Hanzo's) and it's absolutely devastating. Activating it will launch you out of the mech by activating a self-destruct sequence and inflict HUGE damage to all enemies present. The range of action of the explosion is very wide and almost all opponents involved generally die on the blow, but even in this case there are weaknesses. The self-destruction in fact can hit and damage you too (not the allies) and opponents have a window of a few seconds to find any cover and escape to certain death. The famous phrase "nerfa this" allows all enemies to prepare for impact.

- Call mech (super): Has your mech been destroyed? No problem, you can call back another one thanks to a super alternative. When your opponents succeed in taking down your beloved robot you don't die immediately, you are simply expelled: at this point you are extremely vulnerable (you have only 150 life points and a laser gun) and you have to try to resist in some way to call another mech. Skilled players won't let you escape after destroying the robot, but with a bit of luck you might even make it.

Armament and conclusions

D.Va is not a very solid tank, its greatest advantage is certainly its mobility but it has some problems offensively and defensively. The weapons mounted on the mech are two fusion guns that can fire constantly without reloading, the damage inflicted is unfortunately quite low (0.5-3) and while you fire your movement speed drops a lot. These weapons are certainly useful at short range (although there is much better), but the clashes from the average can give you some problems so try to make the most of the retro-rockets (perhaps in combination with defensive matrix) to reach the enemies. Defensively speaking the mech is D.Va not so solid and is a very easy target for heroes like Bastion or Pharah, so even in this case you have to try to make the most of your mobility to get out alive. Surely it would be better to have another tank on the team in addition to D.Va (Zarya?), while talking about support probably the most suitable heroes would be L霉cio or Mercy.

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