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The Outer Worlds How to recruit all the companions | Discovering unknown worlds without someone capable of covering your back can be very dangerous. On The Outer Worlds you can recruit several companions who will help you face every adversity in the game. In this guide we will see how to unlock them all and how to complete their side quest stories.

Recruiting companions will also help you unlock related trophies/goals like: Friends Forever, so all you need to do is recruit just one companion, I've got your back, which involves killing 50 enemies with companion skills, All for a Friend, which requires you to complete a companion's story, One for All, which requires you to recruit all the companions available in the game, and All for One, which requires you to finish the stories of all the companions.

The Outer Worlds : Which are the companions and how to recruit them?

The companions are special NPCs that you can take with you on the mission and that will help you in battle, in the exploration of the outside world and will provide you with different bonuses and statistics depending on who you choose to bring.

In the game of Obsidian Entertainment there are 6 companions to recruit and to do so you will have to find them, meet their requirements and choose to bring them on board the ship. Be careful because the trophies / goals listed above must be unlocked all in one game so you won't have to give up even one of your companions:

  1. Parvati Holcomb - Edgewater, during the mission "Stranger in an unknown land" when you talk to Reed Tobson, you agree to add her to the team. When you are ready to leave Emerald Vale, you also choose to take her with you.
  2. Vicar Max (Maximillima DeSoto) - Edgewater, also during the "Stranger in an Unknown Land" mission, Parvati will suggest you talk to Max. Complete the mission provided "The illustrated manual" and agree to take it with you.
  3. SAM - On your ship after the mission "Stranger in an Unknown Land", inspect the robot on the top floor, then complete the mission "The Cleaning Machine".
  4. Ellie Fenhill - On Groundbreaker, reach the medical bay and talk to her, then complete the "Worst Contact" mission.
  5. Felix Millstone - About Groundbreaker when you first arrive. Talk to the man who is being annoyed by the security guard and ask the guard to leave him alone. Finish your dialogue options with Felix and come back later to recruit him.
  6. Nyoka - On Monarch in Stellar Bay, during the main mission "Radio Free Monarch". Complete the secondary mission "Passion Pills" after talking with Nyoka for the first time in the Yacht Club bar.

The Outer Worlds How to complete the companions' stories

In addition to expanding the backstage and getting trophies and related achievements, the stories also serve to enhance and unlock certain items and abilities of your companions. So make sure you finish them as soon as possible because, again, if you go too far in the storyline you may lose the chance to tackle the story missions. Also, remember not to anger or kick your companions off the ship because you will lose them forever.

Parvati Missions History

  1. Drinking Sapphire Wine - At the end of this mission, when you return to the ship, speak IMMEDIATELY to Parvati di Junlei. Do it now, because any further action will cause the mission to fail and you will no longer be able to face it.
  2. Don't Bite The Sun - Later, after completing the mission in step 1, talk to Parvati again to unlock this mission. Complete it to finish its story.

Vicar Max Missions History

  1. The illustrated manual - Finish the mission.
  2. The Empty Man - During this mission you'll find Reginald Chaney. At that point you just need to stop Max from attacking him. Finally, forgive Max, talk to him again and ask him to stay in your crew.

SAM Missions History

  1. The Cleaning Machine - During the mission, you will have to find a particular type of acid. It is located in the warehouse in Roseway Gardens, in a locked storage room on a shelf.

Ellie Missions History

  1. Worst Contact - Finish the mission.
  2. The Low Crusade - Talk to her before you leave the ship to reach Byzantium (for the first time) and agree to go meet her parents to unlock this mission.

Felix Missions History

  1. Friendship's Due - Talk to him often on the ship until you get this mission.

Nyoka Missions History

  1. Passion Pills - Finish the mission.
  2. Star Crossed Troopers - Take her with you when you go to Stellar Bay. She will ask you to talk, accept and to unlock the mission and choose to help her complete it.

The Outer Worlds Love Stories with Companions

Are there any romances with companions in The Outer Worlds ? Unfortunately not, or at least not in the strictest sense of the word. If you want a series of missions to conquer the girl/alien/robot on duty and watch a final scene, maybe in a bed, where your protagonist kisses the NPC on duty, it's The Outer Worlds not the game for you, at least on this front.

There are in fact some very nice side missions that deepen the bond with your companions without necessarily having the ultimate goal of ending up in bed with them. The secondary quest of Parvati for example "Don't Bite The Sun" is one of the most interesting: yes, you'll simply have to drive your companion around the galaxy and listen to her problems but it allows you to get to know Parvati and his character beyond the sexual realm.

A particular choice that Obsidian made about romance The Outer Worlds is that perhaps it paves the way for a future DLC with real love stories.

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