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The Division 2 is based on a complex system of advantages, necessary to improve the inventory, armor, weapons and many other items of equipment. In this guide we will list the essential advantages to get the game off to a good start.

How to get Shd Technology in The Division 2

SHD Technology points are a necessary currency to buy new advantages in the game. We can get them in different ways: we will find them, for example, on the map, marked by a sign with the orange eagle symbol, in unlocked areas, when visiting safe areas.

We also get a SHD point every time we level up, or another way to get them is to complete primary and secondary missions. At the start of the game there are some primary missions that give as a reward even 12 SHD points. That's enough points to set up a bulid for your character.

Where to spend the SHD Technology points

SHD points can be spent on acquiring skills at any available base of operations. Initially we will only have the White House at our disposal. Come back often to acquire new skills!

Unlocking "Honor" skills will help you get experience bonuses

If you want to quickly accumulate experience points, we recommend that you first unlock the "Honour" benefits. These will give you an XP boost every time you perform headshots or kills in other weak spots, environmental kills, or if you survive for a certain period of time. Also the boost will be higher if you unlock all levels of this ability.

Armour Kits 1, 2 and 3

The armor kit is essential to keep our health bar high during clashes. In The Division, health is divided into health and armor. The former are recharged automatically, but they take time. The second ones are recharged manually with the armor kits. Basically, we can only take three of them with us, but if they develop the skill up to level 3, we can take them up to six. We therefore recommend that you max out this advantage as soon as possible.

Armour Kits 1

Speaking of armor kits: it is important to have as many as possible. For this reason we recommend unlocking the Armor Kits 1 advantage so that you can recharge them in every base.

Grenade Kits 1, 2 and 3

Grenades are a key strategic weapon for the most difficult fights. Unlocking this advantage allows you to increase the limit number of transportable grenades.

Kit Escort 1, 2 and 3

We think this is self-explanatory: a larger inventory will allow you to take more items with you. Each level of this advantage will increase the limit number of item slots available.

Dismantle Kit 1

Many objects found in the game world can be dismantled and their components can be reused to make new ones. Dismantling objects also frees up valuable space in your inventory. Leveling this advantage also increases the bonus obtained by dismantling each item.

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