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There are a lot of ways you can die in State of Decay 2 even if the most obvious is being eaten by zombies. One of the most horrible is to become infected and eventually turn into a zombie who carries the plague of blood himself. This is the disease that State of Decay 2 can actually transform any survivor who gets infected with the virus. The zombies that you have to be more careful about are the Plague Zombies, with red skin and fiery eyes. Fortunately, players can actually cure the Blood Plague, but doing so is very risky and could cause more survivors to get infected.

How to contract the Blood Wound

First of all, it is important to know exactly which zombies have been infected with the Blood plague. The two telltale signs are the bright red eyes and their body completely soaked in blood. They have the same standard attacks as normal zombies, with the difference that a bite from them can infect the victim. They are rarer than normal zombies, with the exception of any area infested with a Heart of the Plague. These hearts must be destroyed to eliminate the threat of Plague Zombies nearby.

In addition, survivors can contract the disease either with a bite or by receiving too many blows from an infected zombie. This will fill a bar indicating the level of the infection, slowly causing that survivor to contract the Blood plague. If this happens, players who are not in possession of the antidote will have no choice but to kill their infected companions. Besides the antidote, there is no other way to stop the progression of the plague. Those bitten have less than three hours before they transform.

Not only the bite, but also getting hit too much by a zombie plague can lead to infection.

How to cure the Blood Plague

In order to really cure the Plague Cure in State of Decay 2 , you will need to make an antidote in your base. This requires users to first build an infirmary, which can be placed in any available plot of land. After that, you will have to go out in the wild and collect blood plague samples from dead infected zombies. When a zombie plague dies, you will be given the opportunity to inspect the corpse and collect some samples. However, there is no guarantee that these monsters will actually leave this rare material, so don't cheer too soon when you see a dead zombie plague.

You can also get plague samples by destroying the Plague Hearts, which is much easier said than done. The areas where these beating hearts are located are the most dangerous of State of Decay 2 . Not only will you have to fight a horde of zombies, but damaging the heart will make more of them come. Make sure you bring a survivor with high fighting or shooting skills to ensure the easy removal of the infected undead.

Once an infirmary has been built, you can prepare the antidote using blood samples from the plague.

As for the heart itself, you can destroy it with fire, explosives and heavy weapons like the grenade launcher. After destroying the heart, collect at least five samples to create an antidote in your base.

More specifically:

  • Put the infected survivor in the infirmary immediately. This prevents the virus from progressing, but you still need to create a cure or you will find yourself in a stalemate.
  • You need five plague samples to create a cure, and for this you need to track down and kill the Plague Zombies.
  • Head to a lookout tower and scale it, look for an infestation point or a plague heart on the map.
  • Quickly reach the infestation point or plague heart area and eliminate all the zombies present.
  • The plague zombies will almost always drop a sample, you must collect five of them.
  • Return to base camp and interact with the infirmary to create the Plague Cure vial.
  • Now approach the infected survivor and use the E / Y command (depending on the platform you play on) to administer the cure. Done!

Finally, we recommend that you have a few more vials in storage. There are, in fact, some missions that require you to donate samples or the antidote itself, so having them already with you is a big time saver. Always make sure you monitor the levels of the Blood Plague to make sure no one in your community is infected and lost forever to keep morale up and, above all, not to be forced to consume an antidote or, in the worst cases, kill some of your comrades.

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