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Gadgets play a very important role in Insomniac's PS4 video game Marvel Spider-Man . The title is based on the spectacular agility of the protagonist, but a little help with to fight crime is well liked, so using the gadgets is fundamental (the game also becomes more fun this way).

As you progress through the story you unlock some gadgets in Spider-Man for PS4, while others require you to level up, or find a particular item in the game world. Finding the stun gun, for example, unlocks the Electrified Grid gadget.

Here are what they are and how to get the gadgets in Spider-Man for PS4.

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Unlocked at the start of the game

Shoot cobwebs at enemies and leave them clinging to the walls. This is the default gadget that uses Spider-Man .

Web Shooter Upgrades:

  • 3 Crime tokens: The Web Shooter recharges faster
  • 4 crime tokens, 1 symbol token - Web Shooter recharges faster (unlocked at level 5)
  • 2 crime tokens, 1 backpack token - Adds 2 shots to the maximum capacity of the Web Shooter (unlocked at level 4)
  • 5 crime tokens, 1 backpack token - Adds 2 shots to the maximum capacity of the Web Shooter
  • 2 backpack tokens, 1 symbol token - Increases the amount of time enemies are stuck (unlocked at level 15)


Unlocked through progression in history

"Powerful explosion of cobwebs that immediately attacks the enemy."

It has the same effect as about five shots of the web shooter. Enemies are instantly glued to walls and asphalt.

If you're too far away for a stealth landing, this can be used to eliminate an enemy instantly. The Web Impact is also useful against enemies that need to be blocked before they are hit.

Upgrades of the web impact gadget:

  • Increased Launch Capability I: 1 Symbol Token, 2 Backpack Tokens
  • Web Impact Increase Shock Range: 1 Backpack token, 2 crime tokens
  • Increased Throw Ability II: 1 Symbol Token, 2 Backpack Tokens
  • Web Impact Increase Shock Range II: 1 Symbol Token, 5 Crime Tokens
  • Network traps multiple enemies: 1 Base Token, 4 Challenge Tokens.


Unlocked at level 8
1 basic token
3 Search tokens

"Deploy a Spider Drone that will fire a burst of energy at nearby enemies."

The Spider-Drone takes a few henchmen off our shoulders, avoids us a few more dodges and greatly disintegrates groups of enemies.

Spider-Drone Upgrades:

  • Increased Throw Capacity I: 1 Symbol Token, 2 Backpack Tokens
  • Spare Batteries: 1 Symbol Token, 4 Crime Tokens
  • Increased Throw Ability II: 1 Symbol Token, 2 Backpack Tokens
  • Overload (Increase drone damage): 2 Backpack Tokens, 2 Challenge Tokens

Electric Web

Requires Stun Gun

"Electrified network that stuns nearby enemies."

By pressing R1 this gadget becomes a real salvation in many ways. The autotarget could make it useful to keep enemies at bay at a distance while facing other problems.

Upgrades Electrified Grid:

  • Increased Throw Capacity I: 1 Symbol Token, 4 Crime Tokens
  • Stunning I: 2 backpack tokens, 2 challenge tokens
  • Increased Throw Capacity II: 1 Symbol Token, 2 Backpack Tokens
  • Stunning II: 2 Backpack tokens, 2 Challenge tokens
  • Range Improvement: 1 Symbol Token, 2 Backpack Tokens


Requires the plans for the web bomb

"Proximity trigger explosive that instantly removes all enemies in range."

Peter Parker isn't the only gadget genius in Manhattan, and he'll receive help with projects to find in the game world. You can find the projects, both during the main quest and after completing a mission.

Upgrades Web Bomb:

  • Upgrades I: 1 Symbol token, 3 Crime tokens
  • Rising Web Bomb Blast Range: 1 backpack token, 4 crime tokens
  • Increased throwing capacity II: 2 basic tokens, 1 symbol token
  • Rising Web Bomb Explosion Range II: 2 tokens backpack, 2 tokens challenge

Trip Mine

Requires laser components

"Web trap that instantly neutralizes enemies."

Community manager James Stevenson described this gadget as his favorite in the game. When enemies get pushy and there are too many to handle, the mine can do the dirty work for us.

Upgrades travel mine:

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Unlocked at level 10
2 challenge tokens
6 crime tokens
"Download a sonic wave pulse that sends enemies into the air."

Take advantage of a short break from melee attacks, but the reach of this gadget is probably too short to solve your problems with enemies at a safe distance.

Sonic boom upgrades:

  • Upgrades Throw Ability I: 1 Backpack Token, 4 Crime Tokens
  • Increased shockwave: 1 Search Token, 2 Basic Tokens
  • Increased throwing capacity II: 1 backpack token, 2 challenge tokens
  • Super Charger (increase range): 2 Backpack tokens, 3 challenge tokens

Matrix Suspension

Unlocked at level 25
2 basic tokens
4 tokens challenge

"Lift the enemies into the air and hold them there for a short time."

Normally on Spider-Man PS4, enemies are vulnerable when in the air, with this ability enemies will be at our mercy.

Upgrades Suspension Matrix:

  • Increased throw capacity I: 1 symbol token, 1 backpack token
  • Duration of suspension: 4 crime tokens, 2 challenge tokens
  • Increase in launch capacity II: 2 basic tokens, 4 crime tokens
  • Matrix Suspension Rays: 2 Base Tokens, 2 Backpack Tokens
  • Weightlifting: 2 backpack tokens, 4 challenge tokens


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