Guide Soul Calibur 6 - All Unlockable Characters

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Soul Calibur 6 has several game modes that, carried out or advancing as much as possible, guarantee the unlocking of various objects and characters. Many characters have not been included in the initial roster, but can be unlocked by playing the various game modes of Soul Calibur 6 . In this guide we will see how to unlock all the characters that are not part of the initial roster.

Guide Soul Calibur 6 - All unlockable characters

How to Unlock Inferno

One of the unlockable characters in Soul Calibur 6 is Hell. You unlock it by playing one of the modes in the story. Inferno is mostly a mime character, i.e. it mimics other people's moves, but it also has some of its own moves, similar to previous versions of the character. In this section we'll see how to unlock Inferno so Soul Calibur 6 you can start playing with the boss as soon as possible.

Finish episode 19 of the Chronicles of Souls

To unlock Inferno in Soul Calibur 6 you have to play Chronicles of Souls mode until you reach episode 19. Complete episode 19 and you'll unlock Inferno, as well as an episode gallery that can be viewed in Museum mode. There are no particular secondary objectives or guidelines to draw to get Hell, the important thing is to reach episode 19 of Chronicles of Souls and finish it.

As we mentioned, Hell is primarily a character that mimics the series of moves of other characters in the game, despite having some unique attacks all its own. It will, therefore, unlikely to see Inferno play in a competitive environment, but if you're just playing with friends or one of the single player modes in Soul Calibur 6 , Inferno is a fun addition to the roster.

How to unlock Tira

In addition to a spectacular trailer for the Libra of Soul mode, fans have also been happy to discover that Tira will be a playable character in Soul Calibur 6 . However, there seems to be some confusion about how to get Tira in Soul Calibur 6 , so we're here to clear up some misunderstandings and tell you exactly how to get Tira in SC6.

To unlock Pull in the fighter's roster you must essentially do one thing:

  • Buy the seasonal pass

Tira is the first character to be added in a DLC of Soul Calibur 6 . This means that it is not included in the basic game. To get Tira as a playable character, you need to buy a season pass. The season pass for Soul Calibur 6 includes four playable characters (one of which is Shoot) and two armor packs for Create a Soul mode.

While Bandai Namco has yet to reveal the standalone price for individual characters or the season pass, the digital deluxe edition of the game will be available for $30 (30 euros with a 1:1 scale exchange rate) more than the basic game. The other three DLC characters are currently unknown, but one of them is confirmed to be a second guest character who will join Rivia's Geralt from The Witcher series. The latter will be part of the basic roster.

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