Guide Skyrim: Dragonborn - Complete Solution to DLC !

Skyrim's new add-on pack has made its debut and we're ready to come to your aid with the complete solution to the main missions, with an introductory guide on how to start Dragonborn!

Once you've downloaded the DLC and started the game, the new Skyrim adventure will come in the form of two masked guys identified as cultists.

These new characters will introduce themselves to you asking if you are the so-called Dragonborn Blood, regardless of your answer at the end of the discussion they will attack you and of course you will have to kill them, thus starting the first quest.


When you kill the two cultists, you must look for evidence to prove what drove them to attack you, so search the two corpses and you will find a sheet of paper with the cultist's orders.

In the orders you will find written: "climb on the virgin of the north moored at the crow's rock. Reach Windhelm then begin your search. Kill the fake dragon blood known as (your character's name) before it can reach Solstheim. Return with the banners of victory and Miraak will be pleased."

Once you have read the message go to the port of Windhelm and talk to Gjalund Instinct Salmastro, at first you will find him reluctant to accompany you to Solstheim but you can easily convince him by paying him, persuading him or intimidating him.

Then, in a small movie, you will arrive at Crow's Rock where you will have to start searching for information about Miraak. Going around the pier you will be stopped by Asdril Arano to get information about the reasons for your visit, talking to him Asdrli will advise you to search for information at the sanctuary.

Go to the sanctuary or talk to the inhabitants to complete the subquest explore the sanctuary and activate the next subquest "the temple of Miraak".

Once at the temple you will finish the quest.


Go into the temple and talk to Frea to understand why you were attacked.

Frea is a warrior from the village of Skaal of Solstheim, she too is looking for the temple of Miraak and the answers to her doubts. While you talk to Frea you will be attacked by cultists, kill them and follow Frea into the temple of Miraak to find the source of her power.

In the temple you will meet various draug and bodybuilders, until you reach the sanctuary of the temple of miraak.

In the sanctuary

you'll find the word Strength of the scream Dragon's appearance, (once a day you can take on the appearance of a dragon. Take colossal blows, protect yourself with armored skin and scream with power). In the same room of the scream you will find a door that needs the key to be opened, the key you will find in the corpse of the guardian. Take the key and enter until you reach a blind spot, you have to activate a lever to open a passage in the refectory, continue killing the various draugr that you will find on the street until you reach the room with the black book. Read it and enjoy the film.


After a bizarre experience with the black book in the temple of Miraak, Frea will inform you that it is essential to consult with the Skaal shaman. You will have to join her in the village after you leave the sanctuary.

When you reach the village and talk to Storn Solca Dirupi, the shaman believes that the events in Solstheim indicate a connection to Miraak. To follow Miraak's path and learn what he has learned, you must go to the observatory in Saering and learn the word of power there.

Go to the observatory, slay the draugr and learn the cry Bend Will and slay the snake dragon. Once you learn the scream head for the Stone of the Winds and use the will scream towards it, the scream will destroy the stone building and free an abysmal guardian, defeat him and go to the village to talk to Storn.

Talking to Storn will end the quest and activate two more.


After canceling Miraak's control over the Stone of the Winds, Storn will ask you to release the other sacred stones using the Fold Will scream. All you have to do is follow the markers and when you are in front of the Stones, use the scream to destroy the buildings and then kill the abyssal guardians. Each time you have destroyed the construction, you can learn a new power by activating the stone. The powers can be acquired one per day.

Beast Stone - activate it after destroying it will give you evoke a Werewolf bear for 60 seconds at the point indicated by the one who casts the spell. Single use. Re-acquired at the beast stone).

Stone of the Winds - North Wind (target suffers 20 points of frost damage for 10 seconds and extra damage of force)

Stone of the Sun - Glow of the Sun (an explosion of 100 points of damage that emanates from those who summon the spell. Closer targets suffer more damage. Single use. Can be re-acquired at the Sunstone).

Earth Stone - Earth Bones (Spell caster ignores 80% of physical damage for 30 seconds. Single use. Re-acquired at the Earth Stone.

Water stone - Water of life (cures 200 health points by spell. Single use. Acquisibile again at the Water Stone).


To defeat Miraak you will have to find other black books, the source of her knowledge. Storn believes that the wizard Neloth knows the location of the Black Books you need.

Neloth you will find it southeast of the sun stone in a giant mushroom (Tel Mithryn). The magician found one of these books in the dwarf ruins of Nchardak in the eastern part of Solstheim, but it is protected by some kind of device, you will have to follow him there. Once outside the fortress you will have to face the various marauders and then wait for Neloth to open the door. Enter the reading room, where you will have to restore the steam supply before you can take the book. To do this, follow Neloth to the great vault of Nchardak. Here you will find that you will need 5 dwemer cubes to activate the boilers.
Follow Neloth into the workshop and take the first cube, continue and use a cube to lower the water and discover another switch to activate with the other cube to make stairs appear. Go up and enter the room where you will find the third cube. To take the fourth cube, you will need to take the one you used previously and bring up the water so that you can cross the collapsed part of the corridor. Take all the cubes and return to the Great Vault of Nchardak. Use two cubes to activate the switches and bring the water level down and go into the aqueduct.
In the aqueduct you will find three switches, in order to lower two bridges, you will have to activate the central switch and the one on the right.
You will arrive at another switch that once activated will remove the water that prevents you from continuing, pass the blades and take the last cube. Go back to the previous room and be careful and take a good breath of air because the water level will rise again. Go back to the big vault, take the cube from Neloth. Once you have the 5 cubes use 4 of them to activate the switches at the bottom and after you have killed the centurion go back to the reading room.
In the reading room turn on the switch and the case containing the book will open when you complete the quest.


Read the book to find out more about the knowledge of Miraak, you will be transported to another world (Apocrypha), there activate the scrye, to open a bridge connecting with a moving tunnel, have the right timing to enter the tunnel. Arrive on the other side of the tunnel and jump on the platform where another scrye is located, activate it to open another bridge. Now you have to return to the tunnel and then go to the bridge where you will find a book "Chapter II", open it and face the abyssal and the seekers and open "Chapter III", continue to "Chapter IV" there you will find the black book Acume epistolare read it, Hermaus Mora will appear to you, he will make you learn the second word of the power Bend will - Mind and he will promise to teach you the third word only in exchange for the secrets of the skaal. By opening the black book you can choose between three screaming power-ups:

Dragon Blood Power: The scream Inexorable Power causes more damage and can disintegrate enemies.

Flame of Dragon Blood: When the scream Fire Breath kills an enemy, a flaming dragon comes out of the corpse and fights by your side for 60 seconds.

Frost of Dragon Blood: The Cry of Frost Breath traps enemies in the ice.

Once you have chosen the upgrade, go back to Solstheim and talk to Storn, be careful once you are out you will be attacked by Krosulhah, a dragon sent by Miraak.
Storn will be willing to reveal the secrets of the skaal, so you must give the book to Storn and wait for him to read it. Wait for Hermaus Mora to appear and you'll get the last word of Fold Will - Dragon.


Hermaeus Mora gave you the final word of the scream "Fold Volunteer", killing Storn. Now you have what you need to tame the dragon of Miraak and force it to lead you to the temple of Miraak at Apocrypha. First unlock the last word, then read the book "Daydreams". You must reach the temple of Miraak.
You will have to get to "Chapter V" in a room with empty pedestals, place the books you took in the previous chapters (Bone Free Arts, Penetrating Pliers, Biting Blades, Inquisitor Globes) to see if you have placed the right book, look at the green drawing on each pedestal. When everything is done correctly, the "Chapter VI" will appear in the central pedestal. Here you will find the word Armour of the Cry of the Dragon. Once you learn the word you will be attacked by Sahrotaar, just load the scream and use it against him to tame him. Once you've tamed him, you'll ride in from Miraak. When you arrive at the final battle you will have to bring him to the end of his life at least 3 times before he can no longer recover his strength and is killed. Once you have killed Miraak go to the center and read the book "Daydreams", holograms of the various bonus abilities will appear. You can decide, by sacrificing a dragon soul, to remove the bonuses of a certain skill by regaining the bonus points you used in it.

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