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Siege Titan Wars is a Clash Royale style rts tower defense so, as per tradition, timing and choice of units are key to getting a comfortable victory over your opponent. There's no magic recipe for winning all the matches, but there are some tricks that could help you a lot in your matches... Ready? Here we go.

Watch out for the Titans

The Titans are extremely powerful units that can pave the way for your entire army. As strong as they are, however, these creatures need some support and will go down easily if left to their fate... That's why you should always send a vanguard and then have the titan lead the charge directly to the titan.


The phantom is one of the titans that you get almost immediately in the tutorial but don't be fooled. It's a very strong and effective unit and you shouldn't underestimate it. It doesn't have a lot of health, this is true, but it inflicts great damage to castles and structures and can be decisive in the final stages of the game. The Phantom also has an excellent passive ability that allows it not to die immediately but to retire to a grave with a separate health bar.

Titan vs. Titan

In your deck you should always take into account the opposing titans by inserting a series of units that can effectively counteract them. Wereewolves, for example, are perfect for this: we're talking about rapid hand-to-hand units capable of inflicting serious damage to enemy titans before they are shot down.

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