[Guide] | Shenmue 3 All Methods to Make Money Fast

Making money fast in Shenmue 3 | In many video games currency in game is very important, but it is even more so in Shenmue 3 , a game that, like the two previous chapters, makes realism its strong point. As you progress through the story, it will not be uncommon the times when you need to pay large sums of money in order not to risk getting stuck.

Also, you'll need money to buy new kung-fu moves to add to Ryo's arsenal of moves or just food to keep the protagonist healthy. The stamina and health bar are combined, so you'll constantly lose health if Ryo makes efforts that need a lot of stamina, without having a supply of items that can cure him in an emergency.

Fortunately, there Shenmue 3 are various ways to make money, and in this guide we want to offer you precisely two of them that, if combined, could really make you rich. So let's see how to make money quickly in Shenmue 3 .

Shenmue 3 | Methods for Making Money Fast

Method #1 - Race frogs and lucky numbers

Go to the Fortune Teller and get a fortune number. With the number in your possession, you bet at the frog races on the very amphibian that has the number given to you by the Fortune-teller. Of course, you set the maximum number for the bet. At this point, press the buttons to comfort your frog and you will win almost always.

You'll have to get a new lucky number for each race, but if you perform these simple steps every time, you'll have victory in your pocket. Collect thousands of tokens, exchange them for high-value items and sell them.

Method #2 - Save before betting

This method is a bit cheating, but it's a trick that has been used since the dawn of time. All you have to do is save before you try your luck at gambling. Save before you bet, pull and save again if you win. If you lose, reload your save and try again.

To earn more money with this method, play Flow, Bird, Wind & Moon or Roll It On Top. Place the maximum bet, then collect thousands of tokens. Use those tokens to buy valuable items in the store that allows you to exchange them, then sell those items.

These are the most reliable ways to make money in Shenmue 3 .

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