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Sea of Thieves is finally out, bringing pirate adventures and boarding to PC and Xbox One. In Sea of Thieves, your main objective is to gain reputation by completing trips for the three different companies in the game. In this article we'll show you everything you need to know to learn how to make trips that will allow you to earn gold and reputation.

How to get travel quests

Voyages are basically quests and are as good as other missions in Sea of Thieves. You can't undertake travel quests unless you buy them at the main island where you start the game. The difficulty of the trips is not the same for all types of crew (you can embark on a trip alone, with a medium crew or a large one, i.e. with many members). Keep in mind, therefore, that the more difficult trips will be more complex to complete with fewer members within your crew. If you want to undertake the higher level trips, make sure you have plenty of people who can help you.

You can get trips from three different sellers in Sea of Thieves.

  • The first one is represented by the Gold Hoarders. These journeys incite you to find various hidden treasures.
  • The second seller is the order of souls, which gives you rewards for the skulls you can get and bring to the Order.
  • Finally, the third vendor is the Merchants' Alliance, which charges you with collecting items, livestock and much more that can then be invested in one of the outposts scattered around the world.
These shady figures will assign you travel quests.

Once you have identified the seller to buy from, approach them and browse their goods. Here you can choose from three available trips, each of which will have a cost. Find a trip that looks interesting and buy it to continue.

How to start your journey

Once you have purchased the voyage you are interested in taking with the crew, return to your ship and look for the Propose Voyage table. Interacting with this table (which you can see in the picture below) practically gives members the opportunity to vote for it. If it satisfies everyone, you can start the quest. In fact, article 4 of the Pirates' Code Sea of Thieves reads like this:

All crew members are equal. Each member of the crew must be respected and considered an equal, and must be free to follow their ideas, speak openly and vote on the decisions of the trip.

Interacting with this table inside your ship, you will be able to propose the trip you just bought, get it voted by the crew and start the quest.

After the trip has been voted, you will receive a map of an island. Find that island on the navigation table of your ship and then go to it. When you arrive on the island, look at your map and find the point marked with an X to retrieve the treasure and complete the trip.

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