Guide Sea of Thieves - How to Find and Kill the Kraken

The Kraken is one of the most dangerous monsters that you can find in Sea of Thieves . In a game of pirates, however, could not miss and hunting them is a burden for anyone who wants to live epic adventures at sea.

The monster is hard to find and hard to beat as it drags down enemies without a moment's hesitation. Despite this, a few hours after the game's release, a streamer managed to find and defeat a Kraken by working with a group of other players.

The Kraken is a force of nature and requires careful planning to be defeated. The first piece of advice is to stock up on a pile of cannonballs, planks of wood and bananas (the items that restore the player's health) before going in search of the beast. If you run out of supplies, you're likely to succumb before you even get close enough to defeat it. There isn't a single method to defeat him and finding him can be a trio to the lot, but in this guide we include what we know so far.

The tentacles with the mouth are very dangerous. If you are caught, you must have an ally who will free you immediately by striking the tentacle.

How to find the Kraken

There doesn't seem to be an equal way for everyone to find the Kraken in . Its location is difficult to define and may require you to wander aimlessly through the world until it is generated by the game. We can tell you, though, that the Kraken seems to appear more when there is a large group of ships around in a single area. So if you see a lot of ships in a more or less small portion of the sea, raise your antennae.

You know when a Kraken is about to attack your ship when the sea around you turns from an ocean with your ship and crew. But we're not here to escape, we're here to face it.

How to kill the Kraken

The fight begins when the Kraken's tentacles rise into the air from the depths of the ocean.

To inflict damage to the Kraken, you have to aim at the tentacles one at a time, hitting them with cannonballs, guns and other weapons. The Kraken is defeated when all of its tentacles return underwater and the black dark ocean returns to its normal only way to get rid of these special tentacles is to have an allied player damage the tentacle enough to free you.

Give priority to the tentacles wrapped around your ship.

Again, awareness of your surroundings is crucial when you're battling the Kraken. Sometimes, the Kraken wraps a tentacle around your ship, inflicting enormous damage. If you don't act quickly, it will drag you and your ship into the ocean in seconds.

Take your sword, your gun, whatever you have in stock and hit the tentacle until it recedes, allowing you to keep fighting for a while longer.

If a tentacle wraps around a ship's mast, try to remove it as soon as possible, because it does a lot of damage.

What do I get if I kill the Kraken?

As the game stands, you will receive only glory. By killing it, you will have proven your survival skills against a legendary beast.

Don't worry, because Rare said he plans to study a way to improve the Kraken after the launch, and he also mentioned the possibility of a quest dedicated entirely to hunting the Kraken. Until that day, however, killing the Kraken will serve as a constant reminder that you are a legend of the pirates of Sea of Thieves .

All in the hunt for the Kraken!

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