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As all lovers of the original version of the game will surely know, even in the remake of Resident Evil 3 we'll be dealing with a number of puzzles and puzzles that, if taken under your thumb, will definitely put you to the test.

Are you stuck in a certain area of the game? Read the lines in this Resident Evil 3 Remake puzzle guide to see how to get ahead.

Below, we leave you a list in chronological order of all the puzzles and puzzles in the game, explaining all the necessary steps on how to solve and overcome them easily.

Puzzle of the Clock (Subway Station)

This first riddle is located in the safe room of the subway station, right in the corner of this room. It is likely that you have already come across the clock device without even paying too much attention to it. The trick is to find the three jewels - the red jewel, the blue jewel and the green jewel - that go into the mechanism.

Following you, we will list the positions of all three gems:

  • Red Jewel: Inside the Fancy Box located in the safe room of the Doughnut Shop, in the Central City (on the first floor). [Reward: hand grenade]
  • Blue Jewel: Inside the Fancy Box which is located on the first floor of the supermarket at the Central City. You will need the cutters to get it. [Reward: Tactical Stock (Rifle Pump)]
  • Green Jewel: in the Fancy Box that you will find inside the Toyshop, in the Central City (always on the first floor). You will need the picklock to get to this item. [Reward: purse]

Solving this riddle of Resident Evil 3 Remake will get you the Power Stones trophy.

Objects released by Nemesis

As you may have easily noticed, what we are talking about in this paragraph is not a puzzle, but it is always something quite useful for gameplay purposes. Whenever you decide to take out the dear, old and "friendly" Nemesis, the latter will reward you with items that, we are sure, will be to your liking.

Below, we'll list them all for you:

  • Extended Loader (Gun): You will get it from a crate of supplies after taking down the Nemesis for the first time (it will raise an arm and drop a trunk). It is recommended to try it when leaving the Subway Power Station (First Floor), at the Central City, after activating the electrical circuit. When the Nemesis breaks through the wall, hit it with a single hand grenade, for a 100% guaranteed kill;
  • Balancer (Pistol): you'll get this drop from a second crate of supplies, after shooting down the Nemesis a second time. Your first chance to do so will be after the movie with the boss in question at the Doughnut Shop (First Floor), in the Central City. You won't be able to get this item from taking down the Nemesis a second time before this moment. Use a grenade again, and in case you run out of hand grenades, use explosive red barrels (assuming you have spared any on the way);
  • Cartridges for the shotgun: When you are chased by the Nemesis after returning to the train, you can shoot it down for the third time using the barrels before crossing a grid through which you will have to pass. Don't forget to grab the trunk in question before entering the sewers;
  • Flame Rounds: You can take down the Nemesis again after Toy Uncle's head has fallen on the streets of the Central City. In this case, the supply box will reward you with a large amount of ammunition;

Puzzle of the train tracks (Subway Station Office)

As part of the story, Jill will have to head to the Metro Control Room (First Floor) and plan the route the train will take. If you're tired of racking your brain, here's the combination you'll need to type:

  • RE-01
  • FA-02
  • RA-03
  • SA-02
  • FO-01

Conundrum of the hospital's tape recorder

As Carlos, you'll need a tape recorder and, of course, a tape to get into Bard's lab. Here are the locations of both items:

  • Man Mangerstri: You'll find it in the reception of the hospital lab (First Floor) on the counter. This is the same room where you will use the player when you get your hands on the tape;
  • Cassette: you'll find it in the hospital infirmary room (Second Floor); however, be prepared for a confrontation with two Hunter Betas who look right at this object;

Puzzle of the switchboard (all fuses in five minutes)

Here is a short guide on how to solve the puzzle quickly:

  • After activating the target (and timer), a Pale Head will get up off the ground. Get rid of it quickly and go up using the platform, and you'll find Fuse 1;
  • descend the ladder and prepare to face two zombie dogs in front of you. Turn the far corner and fire a zombie before going through the opening;
  • Go up the stairs to the right, activating an elevator so you can continue up and down a staircase;
  • Get closer to Fuse 2 and watch out for zombies right in front of you. When everything seems quieter, a Hunter Gamma will appear as you return to the ladder. Kill it (or stab it) and come back up;
  • Come back and go through the door to face two zombies and a Pale Head. You can unlock the door in the safe room here too, but instead, head to the door on the left and go through it;
  • At the bottom of the stairs, there's a Hunter Beta waiting. Kill it, take Fuse 3 and return to the ladder.
  • Go through the safe room and back to the fuse box. Two Nemesis Zombies and a Zombie will be waiting for you, get rid of them as fast as you can (if you don't know what weapon to use, we strongly suggest the shotgun);
  • Place the fuses in the fuse box and you're done;

If you can complete these operations in less than 5 minutes, you will unlock the "Electric Slide" trophy.

Puzzle of the creation of the NEST 2 vaccine.

When you have combined the Adjuvant Sample and Culture Sample to form the base of the vaccine, you will need to put it into the machine in the NEST 2 synthesis room (on the Second Floor) to create the actual cure.

The goal is to bring the temperatures on all three columns to 50.0 degrees; you can do this by setting the temperatures to Medium, High, Low.

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