Guide Resident Evil 3 | How to Open All the Locks

The remake Resident Evil 3 has finally come out and, in order to complete it 100%, we will be called to open a number of locks. Padlocks, lockers, safes and doors with magnetic locks: if we can open all this, we will be able to unlock the achievement RE: Master of Unlocking.

How to open all safes, lockers, padlocks and locks

Below is a list in chronological order of all the locks in the game, along with a description of what you will find as a reward.

  • [WARDROBE] Subway Station, Central City: this is a locker next to the object box and the rescue point in the safe room, just before you lower yourself under the shutter and head towards Raccoon City. [Contents: cartridges for shotguns]
  • Toystore, Midtown: The lock is on the door of the toy store itself. [Content: access to the area]
  • Donut Shop, Midtown: The lock is on a locker inside the Donut Shop, right next to the safe room door. [Contents: hand grenade]
  • [CASH COMBINATION] Central City, Upper Walkway: This is the combination you'll need to open the safe: 9-1-8. Alternate the rotation to enter each number [Contents: Dot Sight] (In case the first combination does not work, try this second 9-3-7.
  • [WARDROBE]: Subway office: It's in the same room as the shotgun, "guarding" a locker. [Contents: first aid spray]
  • [CASE] Subway Office Control Room: You'll find this trunk in the same room as the train route puzzle. [Contents: shotgun cartridges]
  • [WARDROBE] Central Garage: It's on a locker in the same room as the Bolt Cutters. [Contents: Red Grass]
  • Substation (FIRST FLOOR): It's on a cabinet in one of the corners of the room. [Contents: ammunition for pistols]
  • Substation: This is the first time you will actually have to force a lock to advance through the main plot of the game. Specifically, the lock is on the door leading to the Drain Deimos. [Content: access to area]
  • Sewer Laboratory (Lower Waterway): The locker in question is next to a green grass. [Contents: Explosive A]
  • First house after the Central Kendo Rifle Shop (SECOND FLOOR): the lock is upstairs in a box. [Content: Explosive Rounds]
  • [SECURITY CASE] Police Station, Front Desk (FIRST FLOOR): This is the first S.T.A.R.S. cashier that will require the magnetic ID card you got from Brad's zombie body. [Contents: Assault rifle ammunition]
  • [SECURITY CASE] Police Station, West Office (FIRST FLOOR): This is another S.T.A.R.S. cashier, located on the desk closest to you. [Contents: Scope (assault rifle)]
  • [CASH BOX COMBINATION] Police Station, West Office (FIRST FLOOR): it is located in the office just outside the room where you found the S.T.A.R.S. box. The combination you need is 9-15-7 (alternate the rotation of the knob for each number). [Contents: bag]
  • [COMBINED WARDROBE] Police Station, Corridor (THIRD FLOOR): in a locker on the same floor you'll find the key to the security room. The combination is DCM. [Contents: Assault rifle ammunition]
  • [COMBINED WARDROBE] Police Station, Shower Room (SECOND FLOOR): the combination is CAP. [Content: Flash Grenade]
  • [SECOND FLOOR] Police Station, Armory Office (SECOND FLOOR): In the armory, use the magnetic ID card on the case. [Contents: Assault rifle ammunition]
  • [CASH COMBINATION] Hospital, Nurse's station (Second Floor): this will be the only thing in the hospital you'll get as Carlos. The combination is 9-3 (alternating direction for each digit). [Contents: Dual Magazine (assault rifle)]
  • Hospital, Acceptance (FIRST FLOOR): This is the door to the subway, but don't go there yet! Explore the hospital first like Jill. [Content: access to the area]
  • [WARDROBE] Hospital, Atrium (FIRST FLOOR): Once you've left the last room, go to the left and open the cashier's desk nearby. [Contents: Magnum ammunition]
  • Hospital, Emergency Entrance (FIRST FLOOR): Zombies will break through the glass while you're playing as Carlos, but it's Jill who will be able to pick up the contents of this locker nearby. [Contents: Explosive Rounds]
  • [WARDROBE] Hospital, Staff Room (SECOND FLOOR): it's in a locker among all the dead zombies (but don't worry: they're "really" dead). [Contents: shotgun cartridges]
  • Hospital, Linen Depot (SECOND FLOOR): The final locker - with its padlock - is here. [Contents: Magnum ammunition]

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