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Resident Evil 2 Remake has a total of 11 weapons that can be found in the game world. This guide will show you how to find them easily.

Although Leon and Claire use different weapons in their campaigns, they're in the same location, except for one. In fact Leon has 5 weapons while Claire has 6. Finally there is a special SMG with infinite ammunition that is unlocked by completing the game in Hardcore mode with S-Rank.

W-870 Shotgun (for Leon) - GM 79 Grenade Launcher (for Claire)

After you get the Sword Key on the third floor you will have access to the east wing of the second floor. Go ahead to the art room and take the Keycard that is on the table. With it, go to the Security Deposit on the first floor and use it at the end of the room to open the weapons locker. Inside is the weapon. For Claire it's the Granade Launcher and for Leon the Shotgun.

Lighting Hawk Magnum (for Leon) - MQ 11 Submachine Gun SMG (for Claire)

To unlock this weapon you will need to follow several steps. At first we can see the weapon in the S.T. A.R.S. room, but we can't unlock it until we have finished the parking section obtaining the Heart Key for Claire or the Clubs Key for Leon.

We'll need the Red Jewel to continue. Let's go on to the bookstore in the east wing of the second floor and get the red book from the table. With this in our inventory we go back to the same room where we found the keycard from the weapons locker in the art room on the second floor. Here we find a statue with its arm off next to it. We combine the statue's arm with the red book and attach it to the statue. We will receive a scepter which we must exeminate, then we turn to receive the Red Jewel.

So let's go to the Observatory and combine the Red Jewel with the Jewelry Box. This will only be accessible after returning from the Parking lot. Once combined, we will get the S.T.A.R.S. badge. Let's test it and it will turn into a USB stick. Let's go to the S.T.A.R.S. office and use the pendrive on the computer to unlock the locker where our weapon is stored.

JMB Hp3 Laser Sight Pistol (for Claire only)

As mentioned in the introduction, Claire has one more weapon than Leon. From the parking lot in the garage we go to the firing range. Let's take the yellow box and examine it for the car key. We go back to the parking lot and look for one of the police cars.

Once we find the right one, we open the inventory, select the key and press the button to open it. Inside the car we'll find the weapon with Claire, while for Leon we'll find a simple weapon upgrade.

Flamethrower (for Leon) - Spark Shot (for Claire)

In the sewers, after passing through the area with the water we will arrive in the supply room. For the story we'll get here because we'll have to collect the Queen Plug and the King Plug from this room. The location of the gun locker is in front of us. All we have to do is pick up the Queen Plug and position it so that it gets in so that it opens the door. We'll continue by taking the King Plug. We use this one on the gun loker to open the door and pick up our weapon.

Rocket Launcer (for Leon) - Minigun (for Claire)

These two weapons are simply obtained in the final boss fight. As they are related to the story, you don't need any special instructions to unlock them.

M19 Pistol (for Leon) - Revolver (for Claire)

These two weapons are unlockable for Leon and Claire starting a second run with "campaign B". In the very first room we enter we find the respective weapons for the characters. It's almost impossible not to see them.

Thanks to this guide you will get all the weapons of Resident Evil 2 Remake . Don't forget to complete the challenges from the record menu to unlock endless ammunition in some weapons. And, as mentioned before there is a special SMG with infinite ammunition that you unlock by completing the game in Hardcore mode with S-Rank.

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