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In Red Dead Redemption 2 you can increase your honour level to unlock new clothes and gain access to the mission 'Do not seek absolution' in chapter 6 (requires honour level 4 of 8), which is necessary to earn the trophy/goal I help you. Also read our Trophies Guide. Maintaining a high level of honor also gives you other benefits, as described at the end of this guide. The maximum is honor level 8.

To keep track of your honour press the "down" button on the d-pad and check the bar at the bottom of the screen. You must pay attention to the cowboy symbol: if it is in the middle, you have a neutral honor level; if it is moved to the left (red zone) you have a low honor; if it is moved to the right (white zone) then you have accumulated enough good deeds to raise your honor to a high level.

Red Dead Redemption 2 | Best ways to increase honour

  • Putting fish back in the water: it may seem trivial, but it's not. Fishing is a great way to increase honor, and this trick can be repeated endlessly. Catch a fish and instead of holding it, throw it in the water. Make sure the honor icon is shown in the upper right corner after this. Also read how to catch legendary fish.
  • Completion of bounty hunts: delivering bad guys with a bounty on their heads to the sheriff's office gives you honour. We recommend you keep them for Chapter 6 because you earn + 50% honor during that chapter! Bounties are the best and most reliable way to increase your honor level, especially in preparation for the mission in Chapter 6 which requires honor level 4 of 8.
  • Occasional encounters: You'll see random white dots on the minimap from time to time, indicating random encounters. They don't happen often. Sometimes, these allow you to help people and can earn you honor. For example. helping someone whose horse has run away, helping a wounded person, giving someone a ride home, giving medicine to a sick person, someone asking for directions, even on a train you may meet disabled people who need help. These events can happen anywhere, at any time and there are many possible events.
  • Donate money at the camp: Donate large sums of money to the camp's tenth. It only counts when you see the white honor icon in the upper right corner after the donation. But that doesn't always happen. The best solution is to donate regularly. You can also make a manual save and test by donating large sums or making smaller multiple donations.
  • Pay your sizes: Are you in trouble with the law? It's no big deal, just pay the debts you owe the company at the post office and all will be forgiven. During the story, you automatically accumulate bounties from the missions of history. Pay them.
  • Surrender to justice: committed a crime and caught? When the police arrive, stay unarmed and surrender. Spend a few nights in jail. This will avoid unnecessary bloodshed and earn you honor points.
  • Do camp activities: from time to time, your gang members will accompany you to the camp and ask you for small favors, such as finding items. By doing them, you will gain honour. You will also have the opportunity to participate in camp activities. These are mini-games and special side activities such as assaults on farms or stagecoaches. Always do the camp events when they become available.
  • Killing rats in cities: this is really random, but you can kill rats in cities. This is just something you can do in a hurry and it doesn't gain honor quickly, but if you see rats running around the city, take them out.
  • Missions Outside History: Do daily missions to gain honor quickly. You can advance the time to quickly unlock more of them. This is by far the fastest way to gain honour, but it only works after you finish the story.
  • Major Missions: Some missions in history certainly have ways to increase honor if you make certain decisions. This is the most reliable and fastest way to increase honor, but there are very limited opportunities.

Decisions that increase honour

Chapter 2 - Polite Society, Valentine Style: Calm the runaway horse and return the horse to its owner.
Chapter 2 - Polite Society, Valentine Style: Save the witness who is hanging on the cliff.
Chapter 2 - Polite Society, Valentine Style: During the witness hunt, Arthur steals a horse automatically. Bring it back to the owner later.
Chapter 2 - We loved once and forever - III: accept Mary's request to save Jamie
Chapter 3 - Sodom? Go back to Gomorrah: break the safes, don't blow them up.
Chapter 4 - Fatherhood and other dreams: Mary will ask Arthur to retrieve a pin for her. Accept her request and buy it back without using violence.
Chapter 4 - Brothers and Sisters, One and All: In this mission you must find a boyfriend. He will throw a crucifix, take it back to the nun.
Chapter 6 - Unleashed Anger: Agree to Help Rain Falls.
Chapter 6 - Archaeology for beginners: agree to help Monroe when he asks you during a dialogue.
Chapter 6 - Mrs. Sadie Adler, widow: help Sadie.
Chapter 6 - Do not seek absolution (requires activation of Honor Level 4): Help Archie & Edith in this series of missions.
Chapter 6 - The course of true love IV / V: Take the woman to her boyfriend on the train. After the train ride, he refuses to take her jewellery for payment.
Chapter 6 - Red Dead Redemption: Don't go back for the money.

Last but not least, of course don't do things that reduce your honor. Don't go around killing and robbing people at random. Whenever you have a choice between saving or killing someone on a mission, you choose to value life and be kind to people and set a good example.

Benefits for a high level of honour

You can see the benefits obtained according to the level of honor you have in the pause menu by following this path: Player, General, Honor.

Grade 1: Take a closer look at the corpses.
Grade 2: 10% discount in all shops.
Grade 3: New equipment becomes available.
Grade 4: Get access in Chapter 6 to the optional mission of honor "Do not seek absolution".
Grade 5: 25% discount on all shops.
Grade 6: New equipment becomes available.
Grade 7: 50% discount in all shops.
Grade 8: Nothing but peace of mind for being the most honorable gunslinger in the Wild West.

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