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Whether you are a lone player or an outlaw who prefers team play, one of your main concerns will have to be to earn a lot of money. In Red Dead Redemption 2 it is important to accumulate good luck to increase the mood of the gang and to buy weapons and useful medicines during the adventure. In Red Dead Online motivations may change, but making money fast will still be one of your first goals.

A substantial difference from RDR2 is that instead of one type of money, there are now two. Both can be used to trade, but they have two very different purposes. In this guide we explain the difference between the two currencies of Red Dead Online and how to make money quickly.

We have collected some tips on how to earn money quickly in Red Dead Online , but they are not the only ways to do it. This guide will be constantly updated with new tricks and tips to easily earn money in Red Dead Online .

Red Dead Online | Differences between gaming currencies

To make money Red Dead Online it sets in motion mechanisms not too different from the single player campaign of Red Dead Redemption 2. Money is still money and their use is more or less the same on every occasion: buying things. The money is earned by taking part in most activities, in variable amounts.

The first difference between the two modes is that there are two currencies in Red Dead Online : dollars and gold. Also in RDR2 there were gold bars, it's true, but they could be sold to fences for the normal dollars. In Red Dead Online , however, gold is already a currency in itself and can be exchanged for goods.

Gold is used to buy something cosmetic - such as a flashy gun belt or a special look for your horse - or to buy something stuck by a level requirement, such as a quick trip to your camp, which would otherwise be stuck up to level 65.

Dollars, on the other hand, are used to buy all the same kinds of things you can buy in single-player: medicines, weapons, ammunition, field upgrades and so on. In principle, then, dollars are the most important currency because they are used to buy items useful to survive in the Wild West of Red Dead Online .

The other difference lies in the fact that in Red Dead Online earning money seems to be a slower mechanics and that it needs more patience from the player. In this guide we try to help you speed up the process a little bit, but don't think you're going to get rich... at least for now. Red Dead Online it's still in Beta phase, so we'll surely be able to update you later on more ways to earn money quickly.

Red Dead Online | How to earn money quickly

Here are the suggestions and activities that we recommend you to undertake in order to set aside a good loot from the earliest stages of the game.

  • Plundering everyone and everything: That always applies, but in Online every penny really counts. It may seem too slow a method to make money, but looting ten bandits, then another twelve, then another twenty will lead you to already accumulate good money. Moreover, on the bodies you will not only find money, but also precious objects that can be sold for money.
  • Go hunting: To make money Red Dead Online it also offers hunting trips that are much more profitable than the single player campaign, so when you see a wild animal don't be prayed to. Try, however, not to damage the skin too much using firearms. Untouched skins are a good source of income. These should be sold to butchers.
  • Treasure maps: they are a bit different from the ones we find in the main game campaign (read our RDR2 treasure hunt guide). There's no riddle to solve, just a point marked on a map. We just have to go there and look for the loot. For each map you can earn up to $100, excluding any extra valuable items.
  • Complete Online Modes: There are three modes Red Dead Online that earn you good money: Races, Showdowns and Extended Showdowns (with more players). Each round gets you up to ten dollars. Considering that each round lasts no longer than ten minutes, our advice is to make wild grinding on these three modes to earn hundreds of dollars in less than an hour.
  • Complete the missions of the story: As in single-player, there Red Dead Online is a story to follow. This consists of various missions that allow you to earn money for their completion. To maximize earnings, you have to complete the missions by following the bonus requirements. These are secondary and optional objectives, but if completed they guarantee you extra earnings.

How to make endless money (glitches)

Below are two ways to make endless money. It's about exploiting de glitch, so it's a bit cheating. We don't know if and when Rockstar will fix it, but we report them for the record. We disclaim any responsibility:

The first method uses the "Free Roam" option of Red Dead Online , accessible from the "Online" menu. When a player, who is already in Free Roam mode, selects "Free Roam", he finds himself in a position very close to where he was when he selected the option, but on a new server. This means that if a player plunders a location, he can select "Free Roam" and have access to the same location again, but on a new server with the loot available again.

For the sake of clarity, the process is as follows:

  1. Looting items from a location
  2. Access the "Online" menu
  3. Select "Free Roam"
  4. Return to location and steal items again
  5. Repeat steps 2 to 4 as many times as you like
  6. Selling the loot to an NPC

A recommended location is a cabin in West Elizabeth.

You can see the video below:

The second method, however, has been documented by RockstarINTEL and focuses on the fact that when a character Red Dead Online is deleted, the money he was carrying is transferred to any new character created. This method requires players to create a new character and lose any progress they may have made previously.

  1. Access the "Player" menu
  2. Eliminate your character
  3. Create a new character
  4. Complete the first six missions of the story, earning about $ 450
  5. Repeat steps 1-4

It takes about two and a half hours to complete the first six missions Red Dead Online , making this a fast enough way to quickly accumulate good loot. We still remember that you lose the progress of the story, so the advice is to set yourself a very specific quota and, once reached, create your final character and go ahead with that loot.

That's all for now, but remember that this guide will be constantly updated with other useful tips for making money fast. If you would like more tips on Red Dead Online , read our comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about the online mode of the Rockstar game.

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