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If you are a fan of the first hour of PUBG you know very well that one of the lessons to learn is where to land our character. Our matches will start with our avatar that will literally be parachuted onto the game map, and we will have the chance to decide where to "put our feet". All this may seem a matter of little importance, and instead it is not at all; landing in one place rather than another could provide us with tactical advantages not indifferent, giving us the opportunity to quickly acclimatize with the scenario and, why not, allowing us to develop a strategy with calm. In this guide, we suggest you all the best spots to land in the various maps in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

PUBG : the best spots to land on the map of Miramar

Miramar is the second map available for PUBG , and is characterized by narrow clusters of buildings, wide open spaces and a horrible sandy bottom to "revive" the atmosphere a bit. There are a lot of nice things on this map and a lot less nice things, but knowing some of the best starting points of Miramar will be the key to your success. We've highlighted some of the best spots to start our games, which proved to be really good areas to get our first items. In addition, these locations also provide a certain ease of movement for the player, who can easily reach other locations and work out a strategy to get to the end of the match.


Located along the east coast of Miramar, Impala is a smaller town than other locations such as Los Leones. That doesn't change the fact that this large group of buildings occupies a fair share of the land and offers several items as booty; all this, as you may have easily understood, makes it the perfect landing spot for duo" who are looking for the right place to start their match. Alcantara is further away from most other areas in Miramar; however, players should have easy access to larger cities such as La Cobreria and El Pozo, where we can find more players and even more juicy loot. Despite some minor drawbacks, Alcantara could provide you with many, many advantages if you choose it as your landing site.


One of the favorite areas of many players, Pecado is a smaller town located in the central area of Miramar. It is a great place to land, as it offers easy access to many of the surrounding cities, and will allow you to get closer to the center of the map in the final stages of the match. It is also northwest of Los Leones, which means that you will have easy access to the larger city of Miramar if you need it.

PUBG The best spots to land on the map of Sanhok

Never forget to look for objects in all the spots where you will be.

The latest update of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has given its many players the chance to measure their skills with the Sanhok map. A special feature of this map is that it's smaller than the others, with the result that users will clash much earlier. Sanhok collects all the best features of PUBG a smaller but equally compelling "container".

Due to the characteristics of Sanhok, the ideal landing points may vary depending on your style of play. It is always advisable to land in spots not too far away from the action, but not too close to it either, so that you can get the equipment you need to bring home the victory. For this very reason, you can spot at least three Sanhok points where it will be more convenient to parachute in.

South - East of Camp Alpha

Camp Alpha is undoubtedly one of the largest areas on Sanhok's map, located in its western part. The camps there will be of interest to other players as well, but their proximity may prove to be a great advantage, as you'll be able to equip yourself properly and test your enemies while they're trying to get out of the area. Looking at the area of Camp Alpha, you'll notice a small series of buildings to the southeast of the location. Entering these buildings, you'll be able to find a good assortment of loot; moreover, you'll enjoy an excellent view, using it to hit all players who are intent on moving away. The only shrewdness is to pay attention also to other possible "visitors".


Located on the eastern side of the map, Lakawi is a huge harbor-like area, also filled with items to collect, and is in an ideal location to move around, regardless of where the circle is located. There are also a lot of other buildings nearby that are useful for looking for more loot, and all of this, of course, will provide us with a great starting equipment, regardless of whether you're playing alone or together with other users. Lakawi is also very close to Bhan, which is a point, located on the eastern edge of the map, where fire conflicts are quite frequent. For that very reason, avoid landing too close to Lakawi, as you may have company from the very first moments of the match.

South East Sahmee

Sahmee is one of the largest areas in the village of Sanhok and landing anywhere in it may prove to be a very dangerous choice. However, this small, nameless set of buildings near Sahmee has proven to be a fantastic starting point. There are plenty of spots to find useful pieces of equipment, for example. So be sure to check everywhere and keep an eye on the horizon at all times; at this point, we recommend heading north along the Sahmee border until you spot any enemies on your way.

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