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PREY It's here. In the new sci-fi first-person shooter made by Arkane Studios, a lot of elements will seem familiar to you, in fact from time to time you'll see in its DNA a dozen details taken from various games you've loved in the past.

This doesn't mean that you'll automatically understand how things work right away. That's why we've compiled a 7-point guide where we'll show you some of the habits you'll have to take, notions to make your own, and choices to make during the game.

Rifle in hand, we leave for Talos I.

1)Collect everything!

How many titles have you had in your hands, where you had to hoard a thousand items scattered everywhere? Perfect: PREY that's not one of them. Every single item you collect won't be there as part of the furniture, but will have to be used. It ranges from food to restore health to scattered components to repair items to use, weapons, ammunition, and even the actual garbage has its own use. Which brings us straight to the next point.

2)Learn the location of the nearest recycler

What a nice thing to do to protect the environment: all that rubbish you carry in your pocket, from flowers to cigarette butts, is food for a recycler. One of these tools will take all your junk (but also all the extra items you don't need, like extra weapons) and transform them into raw material. And what do you do with this raw material? It will depend on the types obtained, which are four: exotic (Typhon components), mineral (metal), organic (flowers and food) and synthetic (plastic pieces).

The space in your inventory is limited, so increasing your arsenal and weapons will automatically decrease the space available in your pockets to take the trash with you. This is why it is useful to know the location of the nearest recycler. By turning your trinkets into raw material, you'll pile them into your inventory and take up less space.

3)Become familiar with the Builders and Projects

You may not run out of junk in a short time, but you will when it comes to ammunition, which is why recyclers are important. But you will certainly not throw raw material at Typhon organisms, at least not without suffering the consequences. That is why you will have to look for a manufacturer to use those materials on. Manufacturers are nothing but 3D printers with which to make objects, and what you can print will be determined by the designs you find around. If you retrieve a design for a rifle cartridge, for example, you won't run out of ink for a while.

4)Those Turrets are there for a reason

Especially in the early stages of the game, the turrets will be formidable allies. You can pick them up from the ground and rearrange them into strategic positions as you like, blocking the Thypons beyond their line of fire. Until you're better equipped to face the horrors of Talos I by counting on yourself (and even afterwards), use all the turrets you can find. You can also place them together, if you recover more than one.

5)Check every room

In every mission of PREY you'll have a fairly linear path ahead of you to follow to get from one point to another on the map and complete your objectives. However, this does not mean that the most direct path is also the best. Rooms, doors and detours are hidden in every ravine, and there are good reasons to examine them all. Inside one of them may hide extra weapons, ammunition, valuable waste, blueprints or even badges and codes to unlock certain doors that were previously inaccessible.

6)Use your head

Checking all the rooms we were talking about earlier is not always as easy as you might expect, and that's where the excellent level design of PREY . Many places have more than one access available, check for keypads to hack, passageways to climb, obstructions to remove or ventilation ducts to crawl into. Sometimes the back door will require a special neuromod or skill, which will prevent you from accessing it for the moment. But you must never think that because a door is closed, entering that room is impossible.

This reasoning also applies to the main story. The road that will obviously lead you quickly to the required goal is not the only one present: it may be that a secondary road is more suited to your style of play, and therefore it is preferable to go that way. There are also advantages in terms of economy: using the ventilation ducts and stealth mechanics to overcome enemies will save you valuable ammunition.

7) Read emails (and get the facts)

This point is related to the two previous ones: check every computer you'll find along the way. Stalking a little bit the e-mails of the other characters will start to discover secondary targets and keycodes for rooms that for the moment you can't have access to. Besides the mails, some computers (usually the ones to which it is very difficult to get access) will have a whole map of the area you can download. This will help you find even more rooms and gorges full of useful objects to explore.

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