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In the 2017 edition of the Halloween event on Overwatch has been added a second mode the "Infinite Revenge", in which the waves will become more and more difficult as we survive by increasing also the number of equal bosses that will appear during the clash, what's worse than a Roadhog? 4 Roadhog or even 5!

In this mode in addition to the usual Ana, McCree, Hanzo and Soldato76 you can select Genji, Torbjorn, Zenyatta and Widowmaker.

As a formation we recommend Private76, McCree, Zenyatta and Torbjorn positioned as follows.

If you've read our normal mode guide (which you'll find at the end of the article) you'll notice that the positions are almost identical with Soldier as "free". Actually in this mode you'll need to be more mobile during the boss phases and group yourself near the turret.


Torbjorn's skin may be beautiful...

The Swedish engineer will protect the door thanks to his turret that will take care of the Zomnic and Junkenstein's Rotobomb. The bosses, if brought near the turret, will try to destroy it, so use your Ultra to make it more resistant. The turret won't do all the work! Help Private with those Zomnic!


...but Zenyatta's is spectacular!

Zenyatta will take Ana's place in this battle by healing the allies and throwing the Globe of Discord at the bosses.

Private 76 and McCree

They will have the same tasks as the first guide with the difference of having to be more mobile.

Stage Boss

Every time a boss appears, the heroes will have to try to get him as close to the turret as possible so that he can change targets. At this time Torbjorn will have to use his Ultra, McCree will have to use the Stun Grenade and Zenyatta the Discord Globe, if all together you aim at the head the boss should fall in a short time.

The bosses' priority, when everyone's there, is always the same:


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