Guide Octopath Traveler: How to Unlock Secondary Jobs

One of the most interesting releases of this very hot month of July is undoubtedly Octopath Traveler . The Square Enix RPG, released exclusively for Nintendo Switch on July 13, has been very well received by the public and critics alike, and has been a huge hit with a lot of players. As the more experienced players will surely know, it will be possible to start our adventure as one of the eight characters that the title will make available to us. In addition, the game will offer us eight different jobs with which to begin our long journey. However, as many will have already guessed, it will be possible to unlock new secondary jobs as the game's storyline evolves. In this guide, we'll tell you how to unlock all the subjobs in the Square Enix RPG.

Octopath Traveler : how to get the secondary jobs

As we already pointed out at the beginning, it will provide Octopath Traveler us with eight jobs to start our adventure. However, if we meet certain requirements, we'll be able to unlock new subjobs during the course of the game. During your explorations, you'll come across a few sanctuaries; there are eight of them, scattered across the game map, and each of them has a name that refers to a particular profession. However, you'd do well to pay attention to a seemingly insignificant but important detail: some areas of the game may be populated by monsters that, at least at the beginning of your journey, will be too strong and will require a higher level to be defeated. In any case, all you need to know is that you can unlock secondary jobs even at the beginning of your adventure, as long as you know which temple to go to.

To unlock secondary jobs in Octopath Traveler you must find the eight sanctuaries that house the power of each of these jobs. We will upload a map with the exact location of the eight shrines as soon as possible so that you know where to go. As mentioned above, by choosing one of the eight characters, along with his class, you'll start your journey from a different point on the game map. You can also adjust this factor to decide which shrine you want to visit first and which ones you want to reach later. Below is a list of all the side jobs we have found so far, along with the respective shrines to visit to get them:

Secondary class to unlockSanctuary to visit
ApothecarySanctuary of the Healer
ClericSanctuary of the Carrier of the Flame
HunterSanctuary of the Slayer
DancerSanctuary of the Lady of Grace
ThiefShrine of the Prince of Thieves
SageSanctuary of the Wise
WarriorShrine of the Thunder Blade
MerchantMerchant's Sanctuary

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Some subjobs can only be unlocked after reaching a certain level.

In addition to the eight subjobs now mentioned, Octopath Traveler there are four more available. However, these can be unlocked by meeting one requirement: reaching level 50.

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