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Dismantling weapons and cleaning them in Metro Exodus are two important tasks that must be done to survive the hell of radioactive Russia. Dismantling weapons in Metro Exodus offers materials for crafting, which you will always need. Cleaning guns, on the other hand, is necessary to keep your weapon reliable and in good condition. A dirty weapon also makes it less responsive and more difficult to handle. The trouble is, if you're playing Ranger Hardcore in trouble, the game doesn't tell you which button to use to clean and dismantle weapons. That being the case, here's our Metro Exodus guide on how to disassemble and clean weapons in case you're playing with difficulty Ranger Hardcore and having trouble understanding some of the controls.

Weapons guide to Metro Exodus

How to disassemble weapons in Metro Exodus

To disassemble weapons in Metro Exodus, all you have to do is get close to them and press a specific button that changes according to the game platform.

PlayStation 4 -> Circle

PC --> R,

Xbox One --> B.

What you are not told is that you DO NOT simply press the button. Instead, you have to hold the button for a couple of seconds near the weapon you want to dismantle. After a while, you'll get your materials.

If you're playing any difficulty below Hardcore Ranger, the game will show you the required button, as well as a handy counter, so you know how long you have to hold the button down. On Hardcore Ranger, things are much more complicated because there are no on-screen instructions. So get close to the weapon, keep it in your character's line of sight and hold the button that corresponds to the console you're playing on until your character collects the waste material.

How to clean Metro Exodus guns

To clean guns in Metro Exodus, you'll need access to a workbench. They are unlocked after you've moved forward in the game, around Chapter 3. You can find workbenches in safe houses, which are marked on the map as green houses, scattered all over the place...

However, once you get to a workbench, approach it, activate the edit menu and select the icon at the top of the gun. Cleaning the gun will be the first option. The game offers you a cleaning indicator on the left. The more complete it is, the cleaner the gun. You can also switch between the guns in use.

To clean the gun, press and hold Square on PlayStation 4, R on PC and X on Xbox One.

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