Mario Kart Tour - Guide to Unlock New Characters

Mario Kart Tour | How to unlock new characters | Mario and his friends/enemies are the protagonists of the brand new mobile Mario Kart Tour game. Nintendo's iconic characters take on intense challenges on tracks inspired by the real-world environments of the Japanese parent company's games.

The fun becomes portable and is now available on mobile devices that mount iOS and Android as operating systems. The Mario Kart series known and loved by many is ready to conquer the world: with just one finger, you can drive, make crazy overtaking and throw devastating objects while trying to get the cup that crowns you as the best player of Mario Kart Tour .

To get the first place you need to use with intelligence and timing the objects and the Frenzy mode. In Mario Kart Tour , in fact, you have access to an arsenal of powerful objects that can overturn the outcome of the races. You can also activate Frenzy mode, which provides an unlimited supply of a certain item and makes you invincible. Make the most of the resulting chaos, as Frenzy mode only lasts a short time.

Winning while having fun is the only thing that counts and to do so you need to unlock new vehicles and new characters that the game makes available. In this guide we see how to unlock new characters in Mario Kart Tour .

The guide to how to unlock characters in Mario Kart Tour , brand new mobile game with Nintendo characters busy in frantic kart racing.

How to download Mario Kart Tour | To download the game, click on the link of the corresponding version -> Google Play | App Store.

Mario Kart Tour | How to get new characters

Mario Kart Tour boasts a wide range of tracks, objects, karts and gliders. However, the great thing about the job is unlocking the characters, entire roster available at the start of the game. You'll have to spend a lot of time unlocking them.

There are various ways to unlock different characters, but the most common method is simply by playing. As you progress through the various Cups around the world, you will occasionally earn gifts, some of which will contain a new character.

Spend stars to unlock characters

To unlock some characters you need to Spend the StarsPlayers get thestars based on how many points they earn in a race. These items can unlock new cups, which in turn reward players with thetour giftsTour gifts are prize packages awarded on completion of a cup, offering a combination of drivers, karts, gliders and more. The characters that can be unlocked in this way are as follows:

  • Koopa Troopa - 25 stars
  • Daisy - 147 stars
  • Metal Mario - 227 stars (Gold Pass subscription only)
  • Yoshi - 272 stars
There are various ways to unlock new characters in Mario Kart Tour for iOS and Android. Some require real money, others are methods that require you to play a lot.

Activate the Warp Pipe

In addition, you can earn characters using the Warp Pipewhich will be available after finishing the first race that will give a cup as a prize. This Warp Pipe will release a random object that can be on a kart, a glider, a driver or a new vehicle.

You can get characters this way, but the Warp Pipe can be activated by spending gems, which can be unlocked by playing or with real money. There is also the possibility that you can get a duplicate, but if that happens it's not bad, it will increase the ability power of that item.

Buy new characters in the shop

Finally, you can unlock characters through the store by spending coins. Just like the Warp Pipe, the shop is available once you've finished the first race with a cup up for grabs. Initially, only three slots will be opened in the store, but as you increase your player level, more will be unlocked. Currently, getting a new character costs as much as 800 coins, while the shop selection rotates every 24 hours.

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