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Magic Rush: Heroes Guide and Tricks- Magic Rush is an RTS adventure in which the player can summon heroes to fight the advancing enemy. It is possible to undertake several modes, each with its own peculiarities: the player can take part in an exciting Tournament or PvP games in real time, there are multiplayer battles to be engaged on a Global Map and entertaining matches in style Tower Defense.

The possibilities are many, therefore, especially given the presence of so many Heroes to unlock. To master Magic Rush: Heroes at its best it is good to know all the tricks that allow you to advance more easily. In this guide we'll tell you all the tricks of Magic Rush: Heroes for iOS and Android.

Magic Rush: Heroes | The guide for Android and iOS

How to get new Heroes

Getting new heroes in Magic Rush is quite simple. You can get them through the Wishing Pool or by collecting enough soul stones to summon them into your team. By touching the hero you are interested in, you will be clarified the requirements to get their soul stones.

Once you have a Hero, you can proceed to level it either by completing stages or using XP potions.

Studying the final characters

Whether it's a tank or a healer, Heroes have weaknesses and strengths, but what you need to pay attention to during battle is the completed move of each and every one of them. The AOE skill can hit multiple targets if you are positioned correctly. Study each character's skills well to choose the best combinations.

Repeat the completed stages

There are two types of stages to tackle: Normal and Elite.

Normal stages provide XP, XP potions and runes for your heroes. Elite stages provide all the previous items plus the option to get the soul stones you need to evolve your heroes. Not all elite levels have soul stones for heroes, so be careful what the rewards are.

But to make sure you get the soul stones or runes you need for your hero it is safer to go to the Hero menu and go directly to the required stage, then complete it.

To make XP, runes and soul stones, it is advisable to repeat the previous levels. You can repeat the levels in which you obtained 3 stars. To get three stars in a level, you must complete it without any of your Heroes dying. If you don't have XP potions for a newly acquired hero, go to the last stage where you got 3 stars and repeat it to quickly level up that hero. If you need a specific type of rune to advance a hero, find it in your hero's menu and go directly to the required stage.

Collect all Runes

Runes are needed to empower your hero, in addition to simple levelling, runes increase individual stats such as strength, health, power, attack speed and more. Once you have completed a set of runes, you can advance your hero and as you advance, you unlock the ability to add items to your character. You still need to collect materials to complete an item. Each item of equipment further increases your heroes' stats.

Balance your team

In RPG style combat levels you can only take 5 members of your party with you. In general, you bring a tank, sharpshooter, wizard, healer and cannon-type hero with you. This brings all kinds of skills to the battlefield. You can bring any other type of assortment of Heroes as long as you have a higher level than the stage you are trying to complete.

You may need to change your formation according to the level required for combat or if you enter dungeons where a more specialized skill set may be required. A good combination is: a tank, a cannon-type hero, a healer and two shooters. Occasionally it may be helpful to have a team with a couple of tanks to allow the DPS to attack freely without damage.

The tower defense levels are different as you can use all your characters as long as you have the gold to put them on the field. In these stages it is best to place strong characters in Tight spots where enemies have little chance of advancing. Focus on leveling the tank, which provides a small controllable unit that will help you block routes. Important to also have a Cannon Hero with an excellent AOE skill to get rid of many enemies grouped in the same place..

Tricks for Magic Rush: Heroes

Here are some Tricks to advance more easily in Magic Rush: Heroes.

  • Log in daily for free items.
  • Link your socials for more bonuses.
  • Use your Gold wish when it is available, and your Diamond to get runes and rare heroes.
  • After passing the XP tests, repeat the tests to get Gold, EXP and items to sell or use. Gold watches sell very well.
  • Touch the things floating in the water to occasionally find gold during some stages.
  • Always play with the speed modifier enabled once you have it.
  • Choose a tank, a Marksman DPS and a Healer to focus on leveling their skills before reaching higher levels.
  • Reaching level 20 opens the Academy, upgrade here as often as possible to increase your character stats.
  • Repeat Dungeons to acquire equipment.

This is what you need to know to master the game mechanics of Magic Rush: Heroes.

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