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Guide to collectibles Layers of Fear 2 | In the labyrinthine and disorienting scenarios of Layers of Fear 2 the museum you can also find objects that will shed light, more or less, on the cryptic story we are told. In the game there is no real inventory, in fact when we find a mysterious object this will trigger a dialogue or flashback and then return to its place.

Other types of collectible items, such as posters and slides, will be shown at the bottom right of the screen, but they can't be called up whenever you want. However, these are collectible items that the completists will certainly want to collect.

In this guide, we see the exact location of all the collectables of Layers of Fear 2 .

Layers of Fear 2 | Collectibles Guide

The collectables present in the scenarios Layers of Fear 2 are divided into four types:

  • Slides
  • Poster
  • Interviews with the phonograph
  • Mysterious objects

In the first case, you can watch these slides by interacting with the projector in the "safe zone" to which we will return at the end of each act (the room with the blackboard).

The posters, instead, are collectible and tell a bit about the artistic life of the protagonist. These are found hanging on the wall in secret or less visible areas.

The interviews with the phonograph look like cylinders that at first glance look like pill boxes. These can be heard by interacting with the phonograph in the "safe zone".

Mysterious objects, on the other hand, are found in trunks or in less visible areas of the scenery. They are objects with a nature that is not very comprehensible. They will be stored on pedestals located on the upper level of the safe room.

Location of all Collectibles

Below, you can find the video showing the positions of all the collectables present in the game.

Audio Video [Guide] | Layers of Fear 2 Location of All Collectibles
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