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In Kingdom Hearts 3 you can find the Secret Reports that contain important information about the lore of the saga. In this guide we will explain where to find all 13 reports. Not that they are particularly difficult to unlock but you may have some difficulty understanding where to find them.

Kingdom Hearts 3, where to find the secret reports and how to unlock them

Secret reports can be unlocked by completing the first 13 of the 15 battlegates in the game world. These are unlocked in the final part of Kingdom Hearts 3 .

  • Secret Reports 1 and 2 - Complete Battlegate #1 and #2 at Mount Olympus.
  • Secret Report 3 - Complete Battlegate #3 in Crepuscopolis.
  • Secret Reports 4 and 5 - Complete the Batlegate #4 and #5 of the Toys Box.
  • Secret Reports 6 and 7 - Complete Batlegates #6 and #7 in the Crown World.
  • Secret Report 8 - Complete Battlegate #8 in Monopoly.
  • Secret Report 9 - Complete Battlegate #9 in Arendelle.
  • Secret Report 10 - Complete Battlegate #10 to the Caribbean.
  • Secret Reports 11 and 12 - Complete Battlegate #11 and 12 at San Fransokyo.
  • Secret Report 13 - Complete Battlegate #13 at the Keyblade Cemetery.

Battlegates number 14 and 15 will not give secret reports as a reward.

Kingdom Hearts 3 - What's in Secret Reports?

Without making too many spoilers we can tell you that the Secret Reports contain information complementary to the plot of Kingdom Hearts 3 . These are elements of the lore that link Kingdom Hearts 3 to events in the Kingdom Hearts Unchained X mobile game. There are also cues that allow us to speculate on the next chapters. We've talked about this in some in-depth articles.

How to read the Secret Reports

To read the Secret Reports just pause the game and go to the Gummyphone menu. Once there you can go to the special section that will only be unlocked once you have retrieved at least one report.

Where can you find Ansem's Reports in Kingdom Hearts 3 ?

Unlike the previous chapters, Ansem's Reports are not present. These have been completely replaced by the Secret Reports, written by several characters such as Ienzo, Saix and Xehanort.

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