Guide Jurassic World Alive - Guide to How to Win on PvP

Collecting dinosaurs is great, maybe even more so than Pokemon. Who as a child, and still today, has never been fascinated by the majestic figure of these creatures? The dream is complete then when you have the opportunity to choose your favorite dinosaurs and make them fight against a real opponent. Jurassic World Alive has a PvP mode very funny that we're going to analyze now.

Jurassic World Alive: How PvP works

Here's how it works: You can enter Battle Mode as soon as you have four dinosaurs available, but you can actually select up to eight on your team. You can find the ones in your current team by going to the "Collect" tab and check the ones you have in the "My Team" tab. You can also change those dinosaurs; just tap the "Edit" button, touch a dinosaur that you want to modify and then touch another one in "My Collection" that will take its place.

PvP takes place on a "ladder system" similar to many other mobile games. The game puts you in front of an opponent with a similar rank to yours: you will be rewarded if you win, but points will be subtracted for each defeat. Why should you climb the rankings of Jurassic World Alive ? Because each new level not only introduces a new environment in which to fight, but also brings more rewards for victory, and more importantly, brings dinosaurs that you can only get by playing and advancing in PvP. After each victory, you will also receive a special incubator with DNA and coins. There are four slots for these items, but you can only open one at a time. For the others, you have to wait until the timer runs out... unless you want to spend real money.

How does the fight take place

The fight resumes the mechanics of turn-based role-playing games. Four dinosaurs from your team compete against a team of four dinosaurs from another player.

The goal is to shoot down at least three enemy dinosaurs before losing three of your own. At each turn, you will be able to Choose between two or more attacks and abilities while the enemy dinosaur will do the same.

The fastest dinosaur always goes first (although there are skills that can change this rule), so speed is a very important statistic. In any case, your only choices at each turn are:

  • pick a skill
  • swap your active dinosaur for a "bench" dinosaur.

Doing this may allow you to gain some time and avoid a knockout, but an exchange means that your opponent gets one more attack against you, so it's something you should only do in a very unfavorable match or in a desperate situation.

Every dinosaur has its own stats and skill sets. Dinosaurs can be separated into a few basic groups. The advice is to create a team that has a good mix of the following stats:

  • Speed - If you can attack first, sometimes you can overpower your opponents with speed. The Velociraptor is an obvious example of this type. Some dinosaurs also have a passive counterattack skill that can help against a speed assault.
  • Armored - Dinosaurs like the Anklyosaurus and the Euoplocephalus They usually act for seconds in almost all fights because they are slower, but that's okay because their high armor and defensive skills can help them inflict more damage than they receive. Look for creatures with armor-piercing attacks to handle armored enemies.
  • High damage - Exemplified by T-RexThese dinosaurs can simply eliminate opposition in the least number of shifts, using very high values of their attacks. If you have to deal with one, it can help to have fast dinosaurs that also have skills that allow them to do lasting damage over time.

Make sure you have variety in your team: one that has high speed, one that has high attack power, one that is well armored and one with high health values.

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