Guide How to Fish in Far Cry 5, Fishing Locations

Cry 5 is full of fun activities that will help you make some extra money. If hunting seems too dangerous for you, then fishing might be just the thing for you. One of the best ways to relax, take a break from combat and earn extra money is to learn how to fish in Far Cry 5 the game. Unlike many of the fishing mini-games that we find in other video games, fishing in the game Far Cry 5 requires some practice and some mechanics to master. In this guide we will try to teach you how to fish in Far Cry 5 .

How to fish in Far Cry 5

Fishing in Far Cry 5 is relaxing, and sometimes it's just nice to get away from the action that requires rescuing citizens and clearing outposts. Once you have a fishing rod, head for the nearest body of water and watch out for fish jumping on the surface. If you don't see any fish, chances are there aren't any right now, so try to come back later.

There are many things to consider when fishing in Far Cry 5 . First, where are you? Each fish has a different area where they like to live, so if you want to find different types of fish you have to visit different areas, lakes and rivers. It seems that even the time of day can change the number of fish present, and if you make too much noise they may run away. There's no guarantee on this, but it seems that these tricks are not a figment of the imagination, but they really do affect fishing in Far Cry 5 .

How to use the fishing rod

When you're ready to fish, head for a pier, or even just get in the water and pull out your fishing rod. Pull R2 or the right trigger depending on which console you're playing on and throw the line into the water. From here you need to press L2 or left trigger to slowly rewind the line, attracting the fish and letting them bite the bait.

Once a fish remains attached to the line, press R2 to lock it on the hook. When this happens, let R2 go and then concentrate on catching the fish. Pull the fish towards you using L2, while also using the right stick to move the fishing rod.

Now, here's the most complicated part: you have to rewind the line until you find the prey in your hands, but to do so, you'll have to fight a bit with the prey trying to go in the opposite direction. You have to hold the rod in the opposite direction, according to what the fish does, but this will create tension on the line, so let go L2 if you see that the tension starts to become too much, or you will break the line.

Keep rewinding, move the line and let L2 go until you can get the fish out. Once you catch some fish, find a shop and sell them to make some easy money. You'll also need to look at different types of bait if you hope to catch all of Far Cry 5 .

Best fishing locations in Far Cry 5

Below, we describe the easiest fishing locations to reach in Far Cry 5 , starting from Dutch's Island at the beginning of the game.

  • Kokanee Salmon - You can find a fishing spot, along with a seller, directly northwest of Dutch's Island, north of Clagett Bay and Elk Jaw Lodge.
  • Bull Trout - This resort is located directly north of Dutch's Island and near the main river that flows into Jacob's territory, which eventually flows into the Moccassin River.
  • Chinook Salmon - You can find it by going west and then moving south of FANG Center, on the Moccassin River.

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