God of War - The Best Skills to Develop with Weapons

If you've already jumped headlong into the new God of War you will immediately realize the great breath of fresh air brought by his latest adventure. There are so many new compared to previous chapters of the sagawhich certainly increase the longevity of the game. One of the many innovations made is undoubtedly the possibility of acquire skills related to the various weapons we'll find in the course of the plot. In this guide, we will tell you which are the best skills to acquire, as well as which skills to prefer to make Kratos and Atreus two real war machines.

God of War : the best skills of all game weapons

Let's start by saying that during the course of our adventure, we will have four different weapons at our disposal: the Leviathan axe me Guardian Shield the Chaos Blades e Claw the bow of Atreus. Each of these weapons will have its own skill tree, allowing us to choose the skills that best suit us to get the better of the many opponents we have to defeat. Although it is legitimate to want to acquire all the skills of each weapon, during the journey of Kratos and Atreus we will have to make choices, preferring some skills over others. For this very reason, we will list below which skills to prefer of each weapon previously listed, so as to ensure the best possible performance in the many fights you will face.

God of War The best skills of the Leviathan Axe

The Leviathan axe will be practically the first weapon you'll have at your disposal. Its attacks are very strong and effective and, by acquiring the appropriate skills in the skill tree, we can make them even more lethal.

  • Kill Hunters = this skill, present in the "Remote Attack" branch of the Leviathan Axe skill tree, will allow you to hit three different targets with a single throw. In case you are facing a larger enemy, you can hit three different areas of his body with a single throw of the axe. It will be a vital skill in some battles, especially with enemies that will have to be fought at a distance, such as the Ancient. You'd do well to spend your experience points to acquire levels I, II and III of this skill;
  • Ice Burst = The skill now mentioned is the best way to "break the ice" with your enemies, in the true sense of the word. Throwing your trusty axe will cause a lot of frost damage to your opponents, making them more vulnerable to your subsequent attacks;
  • Slaughter of the Hangman = as you may have already understood from the name, this is a skill devoted to hand-to-hand combat. The skill in question will allow Kratos to hold the Leviathan Axe with two hands, greatly increasing the damage it will cause with its attacks. Charged attacks may take some time to complete, but they are the best possible response to an opponent after dodging a hit. This is a "must have", to be used especially in fights where you don't have to worry too much about receiving damage;
  • Pulverizing Storm = this skill will generate a powerful attack that can also immobilize the enemies if necessary. Use it continuously, in order to get the better of your enemies by making them remain immobile, without fear of being attacked;
  • Permagelo = this is one of the most useful abilities of the Leviathan Axe. When you load the weapon in question, you're going to generate a series of attacks, each of which will "bring in dowry" even freezing damage;
  • Rotating Storm = this ability, with all its upgrades, gives the best of itself in battles against hordes of enemies, succeeding in hitting large amounts of them. We recommend, however, that you prefer something else in boss fights;

God of War The best skills of the Guardian's Shield

Although the shield in question is a very valid means of defense, we can also use it, if necessary, as a weapon to attack our opponents. Below, you will find a list of the most useful skills related to the Guardian's Shield.

  • Guardia, Strike on Strike e Impact on Impact = these three skills must be considered as mandatory for the development of the shield, as they will provide us with many additional solutions in the combat phases, ensuring that we can turn our defense into an attack;
  • Sweep of the Guardian, Justice of the Guardian e Judgment of the Guardian = these other three skills are also absolutely necessary for our Kratos. By purchasing them, in fact, we can increase the speed with which we will stun our opponents. As you will have easily understood, these three skills will be particularly useful against large enemies, so you can stun them more easily and inflict more damage;
  • Muscular Barring = this ability will come in especially useful in all those fights that take place near a cliff. If we decide to invest our experience points on this skill, in fact, we can throw our opponents down the cliff, killing them instantly; definitely an advantage not a little;
  • Fury of Sparta = although it is not exactly a skill available in the skill tree of the Shield of the Guardian, never forget to improve this parameter, because the attacks available in this mode will come back very useful;

God of War The best skills of the Bow Claw

The development of the skills of Claw, the faithful bow of Atreus, will go hand in hand with the development of the character in question. Despite the understandable initial skepticism, don't worry: with the various skills he will acquire, the boy will turn into a real war machine. Precisely for this reason, in truth, every single skill available in the skill tree of Atreus is a real "must have", according to what is now said, never forget to develop properly our young archer, as it will accompany us throughout the game.

  • Power of Atreus = as you will soon understand, this skill and its upgrades are of vital importance. The moment you acquire it, and the moment you go to develop it, you'll find that the damage caused by the arrows of the young Atreus will be greater and greater, and will also increase its ability to stun enemies with its blows. It goes without saying that the boy will be of great help to us in the most intense battles;
  • Skillful Shooting = by investing experience points in this skill, you'll increase the rate of fire in your Atreus, making it shoot more arrows at them in the same amount of time. Needless to say, therefore, how much this skill, along with the previous one, may prove to be a key element in many clashes;

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