Guide God of War - How to Upgrade the Weapons of Kratos

The last chapter in the series God of War has some differences from the old Kratos epic titles, such as weapon upgrades. Players who make their way through the iconic locations of Norse mythology are bound to find themselves up against some enemies more difficult than others. One way to defeat stronger enemies is to upgrade your weapons, which will be lethal at first but not enough to finish the game without improving them at least a little. You won't be able to upgrade your weapons right away, however, as you progress through the story you'll quickly unlock the ability to customise and upgrade your weapons in God of War .

God of War How to upgrade your weapons

Upgrading weapons in God of War can only be done by visiting one of the two dwarf brothers you meet during the main plot. The first brother, Brok, can be met during the Path to the Mountain quest, and talking to him will allow you to upgrade your weapons and learn how to make armor.

To meet Brok you will need to explore a number of ruins on your way to the top of the highest mountain in Midgard. Along the way you will arrive at a bridge, where Brok and his pack of animals are waiting. The animal is stuck, frightened by something in the trees. We won't go into the details of the interaction here, as we want to avoid spoilers, but once you talk to Brok, you'll have the chance to upgrade the weapon for the first time.

The first time you meet Brok, you will only have a few upgrade options for your articles. Go to the Upgrade tab and click on Leviathan Axe to find out what upgrade you have available. This will also allow you to press L3 and see the current statistics of that weapon and what benefits it currently offers you.

The upgrade card allows you to improve your weapons and see your statistics.

Unlike armor and other items, however, your Leviathan Axe can only be upgraded at specific times that you will have to play during the main storyline, as you need a special item called Frozen Flame to complete the upgrade. Frozen Flame can be acquired by completing specific missions in the main storyline. When you have one available, go to Brok, which will make the weapon much more powerful.

In addition to the actual weapon upgrades, you can also create and upgrade the grip, which will allow you to increase various attributes such as Luck, Vitality, Defense, Cooling, Running, and Strength. All of these attributes are important depending on the type of game style you're trying to play, and the grip you choose will change the way you approach Kratos combat. He may be a warrior more devoted to defense, attack or even magic. Once you have equipped an axe knob, you can modify it by adding several modifications to it.

Strengthening the Blades of Chaos

Chaos Blades also return in God of War for PS4. They can be upgraded by collecting Chaos Flames during certain missions in the main story.

In God of War for PS4 there are also Chaos Blades. Like the Leviathan Axe, Chaos Blades can only be upgraded by obtaining a specific ingredient. These are the Chaos Flames and you'll find them by completing specific parts of Kratos' journey and once you've obtained them, you can talk to Brok or his brother to upgrade the weapon and make it more powerful.

As with the Leviathan axe, players can also create and upgrade different Chaos Blades handles, which will make them more powerful in the long run.

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