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God of War it's not exactly an open world game, but there will come a point in history where you have to go back to a location you've visited before. To do so, you can walk to your destination, or alternatively, you can simply unlock the fast travel to get there easily. God of War It's a game that encourages players to explore, just think of the countless amount of collectables that can be found throughout the adventure.

Also, there are times when you will notice a blocked route or a hidden area that cannot be accessed at that time. You'll learn new skills later in the game that can be used to reach these locations, such as Hidden Rooms. You can even go all the way back to the beginning of the game, which shows how committed the developers are to creating a world, if not open, that can be visited at all times.

How to unlock the fast travel in God of War

The Fast Travel is initially blocked at first, but you'll unlock it as soon as you return to the Mountain to meet Brok the Blacksmith for the second time. He will tell you about the mechanics of the Fast Travel that can be performed through the Mystical Gates.

It will only be available for the first time in the Temple of Tyr, but as you progress through the story, you can unlock a quick journey between the different realms of God of War .

To travel quickly to your destination, you will need to activate and enter the Mystic Gates and then select your destination, which you will reach by exiting the corresponding Mystic Gates (which must have been activated previously). The game will show you how to travel through a strange realm of passage. Here make sure you follow your route, because if you try to take some alternative route, you may even die.

I mean, nothing difficult. Just move forward in the story and Brok will give you explanations about this useful game mechanics. Have a good trip!

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