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If you've already plunged headlong into God of War You've surely already gotten to know some of the enemies we'll have to defeat to make our way through the game. Despite our Kratos is always the god of war, some opponents will give rise to some pretty tough fights. Among them, it is not possible not to mention the Walkers. These creatures will look like towering knights in heavy armor, and they will give us a lot of trouble. In this guidebook of ours, we will tell you how to defeat the walkers and how you can highlight their strengths and weaknesses and exploit them to your advantage.

God of War how to recognize the walkers

Wayfarers are a class of enemies that Kratos and Atreus will often encounter during their adventures in the nine realms. You will encounter these opponents quite often, and defeating them will not be an immediate feat at allmainly because of the heavy armor they wear and their high attack statistics. However, we advise you to defeat as much of them as possible, as you will be able to forge the Wayfarer's armor set from the materials you get as a reward, which will be indispensable to unlock the trophy".The Fanatic's Path", a necessary step to get the coveted platinum trophy of the game.

When you are faced with a walkers for the first time, the confrontation may immediately seem daunting. Let's start with a first piece of advice: don't be frightened by the armor of these towering monsters; once you've figured out what to do and what strategy to adopt against them, you'll be able to getting the better of you without too much difficulty. At the moment we are writing to you, we have been able to find the presence of two different types of walkerss inside God of War . Although their fighting style and attack patterns are quite similar, one of them will wear a shield on his back, making it much more difficult to send attacks from behind.

As mentioned earlier, walkerss can boast of very powerful attacks to which we will have to pay close attention. However, all these shots can be conveniently dodged.

Password: Dodge the attacks

The first attack is a kind of "dizzying attack“. You can tell when the enemy is preparing the attack when he brings the sword behind him. This type of attack may result in one or two blows, depending on the residual health of the Wayfarer. It has been possible to note that the attack will only generate a single slash when the enemy is over 75% healthy, while a second attack will be added if his health falls below this threshold. However, despite what we have just said should not be taken as an absolute truth, the Traveller's health is an element to be kept under strict control: if the monster falls below 50% of the health, it will start to get more aggressive and, consequently, more dangerous.

Another attack to pay attention to is a lunge loaded which may inflict a considerable amount of damage and which, in some cases, may even prove fatal, depending on the statistics and the armour worn by Kratos. We will also have to pay attention to another attack, a sort of slam, from above with swords, which could prove fatal. However, as mentioned earlier, all these attacks can be easily dodged. For this very reason, never forget to press the dodge button at the right time.

God of War how to defeat the walkers

The strategy to get the better of a Wayfarer without too many problems is to quickly accumulate anger and then, once the limit is reached, to release her. The most useful element of Anger is that Kratos can stun enemies through its attacks. Once we have filled the stunner pressing the R3 button, we can unleash a powerful attack, with which the Phantom of Sparta will begin to tear off his opponent's armor inflicting a great deal of damage. However, if you don't manage to accumulate enough anger, don't worry: just follow your enemy's attack patterns and you can still bring home victory.

Wait for the Wayfarer to attack you with any of the attacks listed above, dodge the blows and then attack him. But be careful: don't overdo it with attacks! Hit him a few times and then exit outside his range to avoid counterattacks. If you repeat this procedure several times, you'll see the Wayfarer's armour start to come off piece by piece, allowing you to inflict more and more damage. If the Wayfarer has his back to you, don't try to attack him: the shield and/or armour will block any damage you might inflict. In this case, all you have to do is stand next to him, wait for him to attack, dodge the blow at the right moment and continue attacking him.

Those now listed are all the indications necessary to get the better of the walkerss. You can also use the Atreus arrows to increase our enemy's stun meter, which will allow us to launch a powerful attack without resorting to anger. However, we'd like to point out that Atreus' arrows will raise the meter very slowly, so it may take some time.

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