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Most gamers from halfway around the world will already be grappling with Kratos' latest adventure, as they explore the icy moorlands of the deep North that this new God of War he makes us available. Like any self-respecting GoW, there will be no shortage of enemies to face and battles with a high rate of epicity. Some of the "familiar faces" we'll come across are undoubtedly the Ogre. This kind of monster also makes its appearance in this new chapter of the saga, obviously in "Norse version". As happened in previous chapters, an Ogre can give a lot of trouble to our hero, especially if, as often happens, will not come alone, but with a host of other enemies. In this guide, we will tell you how to defeat the Ogres without too much effort.

God of War How to defeat an Ogre

In the course of our adventure in the Nine Kingdomswe'll often run into an Ogre. These creatures, as said before, are equipped with powerful and devastating attacks and, in most cases, we will never meet them "alone", but always in the company of a large number of others. monsters. It is precisely for this reason that, although the Ogri look very frightening and can bring us down with a few well-aimed shots, it is good to know that we can defeat them easily once we have learned the right strategy.

The first thing to point out is that the Ogri are very strong, but also rather slow. Precisely for this reason, one of the keys that will lead us to victory will be to remain constantly on the move, so as not to be an easy target. Secondly, we must always have the Leviathan axe at hand, so as to hurl it at the monster's head. In this way, in fact, we will be able to stun our opponent momentarily, thus causing the interruption of any attack he intended to execute against us. What has been said now is not only a good way to "break the fight", but also to give us a few breaks and open a gap to attack the Ogre without fear of any counterattacks.

Don't forget the runic attacks

Needless to say, even the runic attacks will have a big impact on the fight. Many of them will have a not inconsiderable effectiveness, succeeding both in inflicting great amounts of damage to the Ogre and in preventing it, sometimes, from carrying out its own attacks. In addition, you may also decide to resort to Anger to strike the most violent blows in Kratos' repertoire, causing serious damage and rapidly reducing the life points of the creature in question. The Rage can also be used to increase the counter on the dizziness of our enemy. Should we be able to fill it, our opponent will momentarily lose consciousness.

In this case, all we'll have to do is get closer and press the R3 buttonso that Kratos can get on the monster's head and inflict additional damage. This technique, as we have also seen in the previous God of War ones, will make the Ogre launch a series of "blind" attacks, which will wipe out some minor enemies, making life easier.

How to survive a clash with an Ogre

As we have pointed out previously, the Ogres are equipped with decidedly powerful attacks. Precisely for this reason, in order to stay alive as long as possible, we will have to learn to use the command of dodge at the appropriate time. Being able to avoid enemy attacks will be of vital importance, especially in the continuation of the clash and especially if, as will often happen, the Ogre will not be the only enemy that we will face at the same time. Another useful advice is to never let them throw you to the groundThis action would leave our towering opponent free to hit us and turn us into mush, which, you will agree, is not exactly the best of the epilogues, not in God of War . Precisely for this reason, the strategy to follow is to dodge attacks, always keep away from the corners of the stage, so as not to get trapped and, of course, strike at the right time.

Keep in mind what has been said so far, repeat the procedures now described and you will easily get the better of the Ogre. Of course, don't forget collect any materials released by the monsterwhich may be necessary for the manufacture or upgrading of weapons and armor.

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