God of War - Guide to How to Defeat the Ancients Golems

If you've already ventured into the icy moorlands of the new God of War you may not have already made the acquaintance of the many creatures that will stand in your way. One more time, Kratos he'll have to get the better of a whole series of opponents so he can continue his epic adventure. Among the many monsters we will encounter, the Antiques deserve special mention. As some readers may have already understood, these are the most difficult creatures to face that we will encounter on our path, precisely because they will not be affected by most of the attacks that we will launch. In this guidebook of ours, we will tell you How to defeat the Ancientsin order to obtain the materials indispensable for the manufacture of their armor sets.

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God of War What are the Ancients?

It won't be long before we meet the Ancients. The creatures in question are reported by the game as mini bossand we can say that the definition is entirely correct. These big stone monsters, in fact, will represent some of the most difficult clashes in which we may come across in this new adventure of the Phantom of Sparta. As well as the Wanderers, these enemies are heavily armouredFor this very reason, attacking them with their heads down will not do much good, except to meet with an untimely and painful defeat. However, just as for the wayfarers, the Ancients have an soft spot If properly exploited, it can guarantee victory. We remind our readers that the Bronze Trophy is connected to the Ancients".Primordial", which will require you to forge the set of Ancient armor, through materials that you will achieve precisely by defeating this type of enemies.

We've already said that the Ancients are heavily armored enemies, which is why you can't attack them normally: you won't inflict any damage. You'll have to wait for the monsters in question to carry out a specific attack: the one with which they open their chest to hit you with a beam of energy. In this way, in fact, the Ancients will bring out their only weak point, namely their heart. Be sure to always have the axe at hand, because you will have to throw it and hit the heart just when the Ancient One is about to launch the attack in question. If you succeed in making your attack, you will notice that a piece of your opponent's body will come off: all you have to do is grab it and throw it at the Ancient One. By doing this, in fact, you will be able to stun him for a few seconds.

How to defeat an Ancient

Once you've managed to stun the creature by hurling the Ancient fragment, you'll have a chance to fling your axe again. Once again, you must aim at the monster's heart and hit him. We remind you that you must be quick to do all this, because the monster will not be unconscious for a long time. If you can strike at the heart of the Ancient One before the creature in question closes its chest, you will be able to stun the monster for good, and you will notice that because you will literally bring him to his knees. When this happens, run to get closer and press the R3 button. Doing so will initiate a Quick Time Eventwith which you can finally destroy the heart of the Ancient, obviously with fists and kicks. The advice we have to give you, in this regard, is to strike as many blows as possible.

At the end of the combo, the Ancient will grab us and throw us away, forcing us to repeat the procedure again until we have defeated it definitively. However, although said so may seem like a piece of cake, the real obstacle to overcome in a clash with an Ancient is that of manage to avoid his attacksand in particular the energy beam. You will have to make sure that you always have a shelter nearby: the ray in question will hardly miss the target, and will inflict a huge amount of damage, leading to defeat. For this very reason, never lose sight of the various sheltersbecause they will be essential to the fight.

All you have to do is understand your opponent's movements and attack patterns and hit him when he opens his chest showing his heart, while paying attention, at the same time, to not to find out too much. Do this and you will defeat one of the toughest opponents of God of War .

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