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One of the most desirable weapons is "chatter" of late has finally landed on Fortnite . We are talking about the Heavy Shotgun, an updated version of the Shotgun, which became available through the v3.3.1 patch. Needless to say how much curiosity around this new rifle is really a lot, especially because it will provide players with new approaches to the game, both defensively and, above all, from the offensive point of view. In this guide, we will give you all the information available on Heavy Shotgun, including damage, rarity, available versions, as well as some tips on how to best use this new weapon against your enemies.

Fortnite : main features of the Heavy Shotgun

As all shooter game experts will surely know, shotguns are perfect weapons for short range combat. Shotguns are capable of inflicting enormous amounts of damage, but only as long as you're within range of your target. Well, in the case of the Heavy Shotgun, things are different. This new weapon Fortnite , in fact, retains what is the main feature of the Shotgun, but increasing the range of action. This means that, unlike the other types of shotguns available in the game, with the Heavy Shotgun you can inflict considerable damage even at medium range, and maybe even beyond.

Now let's move on to an important question: where to find the Heavy Shotgun? The weapon in question can be found, in a completely random way, inside the various treasure chests, in the Supply Lama, or in the parachute chests. The Heavy Shotgun will be available in two versions, with different rarity and different statistics: Epico (Heavy Shotgun

Days ago Epic Games told us that it would Fortnite soon receive a new item, the Jetpack, but unfortunately the long-awaited equipment that was to arrive with the latest update of the game has been postponed.

Anyone who wants to take a closer look at the Heavy Shotgun, can dwell on the table below, which shows the statistics of the two versions of the rifle: the Epic and the Legendary.

NameRarityDPSDamageFire RateMagReload time
Heavy ShotgunEpic73.573.51.075.9
Heavy ShotgunLegendary77.

Tips for using the Heavy Shotgun in Fortnite

One of the two kings of the battle royale.

Anyone who is already a fan of shotguns will be delighted with the Heavy Shotgun. If, on the other hand, Shotguns are not one of your favourite weapons, but you still want to "give this new equipment a chance", we leave you with a short list of tips on how best to use the Heavy Shotgun.

  • Mid Range Fire - Take advantage of the greater range offered by the Heavy Shotgun, preferring it for mid-range battles. Be clear: the weapon will still be lethal even at close range. However, don't be afraid to use this fearsome shotgun even to hit enemies a little further away from you;
  • Don't be afraid to aim - We know this well: usually those who use a shotgun, come on Fortnite , don't care so much about "aiming accurately". However, increasing the range of this Heavy Shotgun will be even more effective if you zoom in to enlarge the target. Obviously, the Heavy Shotgun doesn't have a real viewfinder, but despite everything, when you find yourself using this feature, it will almost look like you're using an assault rifle rather than a shotgun;
  • Always aim for the head - Unlike what you can see with your "colleagues", the Heavy Shotgun shots don't seem to have the same diffusion as the other versions of the shotguns normally available on Fortnite . The reason for this is probably that the weapon in question has a greater range and greater accuracy. Precisely for this reason, always aim at your opponent's head, to make sure you get as much damage as possible when you are in possession of this new "weapon of mass destruction".
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