Guide Fortnite - Hidden Gnome Locations and Map

Walking around the islet where the endless battle of Fortnite you may have come across gnomes hidden in the game's locations. These gnomes are hidden inside the map and laugh loudly when you approach them helping the player to locate them.

The player's task is to find seven within the map to get 5 Battle Points.

Altogether each map hides nineteen of them and today, we guys at , will help you find them!

How do they work?

Each game has the same nineteen gnomes hidden around the map, each gnome can be claimed by a single player, after which it will disappear from the map. To complete the challenge, all you need to do is find seven gnomes over the course of different games in order to get your reward.

These gnomes are generally hidden inside facilities within the Fortnite marked on the map with a name; obviously they are not in plain sight but they are often hidden in the basement or behind some kind of furnishing accessory. Nothing a good pickaxe can't eliminate forever!

Where do I find them?

  • Tomato Town - The tomato town gnome is located in the main building (the one with the giant tomato on it) and is one of the easiest to find. Just go to the back of this building and enter the office; the gnome is located next to the desk.
  • Warehouse Muffito - Once you arrive in the area, just head to the building located further south to find it inside a wooden box under a container.
  • Approdo Avventurato - The gnome of Approdo Avventurato is located in the northeast building on the first floor. Just enter the bathroom to see him in front of you.
  • Lethal Lands - This gnome can be found in the southern part of the Lethal Lands, under bales of hay near the small lake in the area.
  • Bosco Blaterante - Gnome easy to find; it is located inside a tent just east of the labyrinth.
  • Putrido Pantano - The gnome in question can be found on one side of the larger building in Putrido Pantano, but to find it will be necessary to destroy with a pickaxe some of the roots in the area.
  • Borgo Bislacco- Once you arrive at Borgo Bislacco you just need to go directly to the south of the area and frame the central building, the gnome will be in the basement of it then once you enter just point to the stairs.
  • Acre Anarchists - To find this gnome you will need to go to the first floor of the most northwest building in the area to find him curled up behind the TV. A pickaxe and that's done too.
  • Latrine Laboratory - This gnome is located in the central bathroom, the one with the ink smeared on the walls. Put your hand on the pickaxe and work your way up to it.
  • Boschetto Bisunto - Gnome more complicated than average: also this hidden in the bathroom, the fast food on the ground floor to be precise. Take the left door and knock down the bulkheads is the quickest way to get the gnome in question.
  • Montagnole Maledette - This gnome is located inside the large church, below the central section of the stairs that in theory lead to the main door. Pick up a little bit to find the nice freak of nature.
  • Del Ciarpame Crossroads - Once there go east to find a gas station (which we talked about here) and head inside the half open garage. Enter the building keep left and break the bedside table to find the evil gnome.
  • Retreat Shelter - Reach the easternmost building and enter the small annexe. The gnome is behind some furniture, in the corner of the little house.
  • Sponde Del Saccheggio - In the middle of the lake is the house with the gnome inside; more than inside I'd say underneath since our friend is trapped between one pile dwelling and another. As always, arm yourselves with a pickaxe and get busy to free your prize.
  • Pacific Park - Reach the northwest block of buildings, search the red brick house and storm the building's garage armed with your trusty pickaxe to find Snow White's friend.
  • Corso Commercio - The gnome hides inside the building further east, near the one with the Joel sign, inside a shed with the fence outside. Usual procedure: beat him up just enough and take your well-deserved reward.
  • Confusion Ducts - This gnome is inside the ducts and must be found by his unbearable laughter. Besides this he is inside one of the wooden supports, so it will also be necessary to pick at the walls to free him.
  • Pinnacoli Pendenti - The gnome of Pinnacoli Pendenti, afraid of the chaos that governs the area, hid under a truck. The latter is located in the southern part of the area, near another truck located under a bridge. Break the trailer with brute force and free the poor inhabitant of the realm of fantasy.
  • Snob Beaches - The gnome of Snob Beaches is located inside the southernmost building among those present, precisely in what includes the secret bunker. The gnome in question is located inside the Bunker itself, more precisely behind the bathtub in the urination room.

Fortnite - Gnome Map

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