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If we stop and try to think with a clear eye we soon notice how the time between us and the arrival of the seventh season Fortnite is less and less; the arrival of the challenges concerning the eighth week of the sixth season reminds us again how less and less time is missing to one of the great upheavals to which Epic Games has accustomed us during its playful life.

During this week just started we'll be dealing with a good variety of things to do: strange dances, new weapons, clay pigeon shoots (again!), stunt points and a lot of rides around the most popular places on the map. At the moment we don't know what the developers of Epic Games might have in mind for the next season, let's just try to enjoy what might be the last moments of life on the map as we know it today!

We remind everyone that the weekly challenges Fortnite are divided into two categories: the free ones and the exclusive ones for the battle pass holders; having said that, let's see together how to take home as many battle stars as possible to bring your pass to the maximum level!

Driving Fortnite Season 6 - Week 8 free challenges.

These challenges can be completed without purchasing the battle pass and are therefore available to all players who have Fortnite installed on your device/console/computer.

Phase challenge - 5 stars

This stage challenge asks the player to go from one indicated place to another within the map; the indicated places necessary for the completion of each stage are fortunately defined and will therefore make it impossible for the player to make any mistakes.

Step 1: Access the Retreat Hut and the Trade Course.

The first phase of this challenge asks the player to reach the following two places during the same game: Trade Course and Retreat Hut.
The two places described by the challenge, fortunately, are quite close and therefore do not represent a big difficulty within the game; if you find a quad annihilator or an all terrain kart it will be even easier to complete the challenge in a very short time.

Step 2: Access Ciarpame Crossroads and Pacific Park.

The second phase of the challenge asks the player to reach the following two places during the same game: Ciarpame Crossroads and Pacific Park.
Here again we are faced with two places not particularly far apart from each other, so we are dealing with a stage two that is not particularly difficult to complete. Landing in Pacific Park there is a better chance to find a vehicle with which to reach Crocevia Del Ciarpame very quickly, in order to complete the challenge in a very short time!

Step 3: Access the Latrine Laboratory and Lethal Wounds

The third phase of this challenge asks the player to reach the following two places during the same game: Latrine Workshop and Lethal Landes.
Also here we are dealing with two locations that can be reached on foot, if only in that of Latrine laboratory you can find a quad annihilator with a bit of luck, an object that will allow you to speed along the shortest route between the two places described.

Step 4: Login to Montagnole Maledette and Pompous Pastimes

The fourth phase of this challenge asks the player to reach in the same game two very specific places on the opposite corners of the map: Montagnole Maledette and Passatempi Pomposi. The advice that we give you, given the huge distance that separates the two is to land initially at Pasatempi Pomposi, a location with an ATK in plain sight in one of the parking lots of the city: taking that to the player has only to evacuate very quickly at the destination, making slalom between the various possible obstacles.

Step 5: Access Tomato Temple and Confusion Conduits

The fifth and final phase of this challenge asks the player to reach in the same game two not particularly close places present in the map of Fortnite : Tempio Tomato and Condotti Confusi. The best way to complete this challenge quickly is to take a vehicle and run quickly to the other point. If you land at Condotti Confusi you can go looking for a quad bike on one of the nearby mountains, if you land at Temple Tomato you need to move Stale Depth or Laundry Basin to look for a vehicle of some kind; in both cases as soon as you get the vehicle you need to hurtle quickly to the other side of the map to complete this last challenge of Fortnite : Royal Battle!

Dance with a trophy fish in the different places indicated - 5 stars

This challenge asks the player to dance in different places indicated where it is possible to find this mystical trophy fish; to dance you simply need to use one of our usual dancing emote, the trophy fish instead have to be searched inside the game map; we have indicated them through circles inside this image but don't worry, under it you will find a more accurate explanation for all those who don't want to use even a second of their life to look for things.

These are the places where you can find the necessary fish:

Stale Depth: The fish to dance in front of is inside the department store's office.
Corso Commercio: The fish in front of which you need to dance is in the northeast corner of the location, near a shop.
Grove Bisunto: The fish in front of which you will have to dance is inside the shop in the centre of Boschetto Bisunto.
Borgo Bislacco: One of the northernmost houses in Borgo Bislacco contains the fish that we so desire; it sits on one of the sofas in the area.
Confusion pipelines: inside the small hut in the eastern part of Condotti Confusi it will be possible to find the fish to dance in front of to complete the challenge.
Bosco Blaterante: The fish we have to look for is inside the Underground Bunker that appeared with Season 7.
Retreating Refuge: inside a house with a fireplace in the southern area of Rifugio Ritirato it will be possible to find the fish of the challenge.
Paradise Palm Grove: The fish of the challenge can be found inside the hut near the first bend that you meet going north from the town.
Ventureful Landing: The fish of Approdo Avventurato is located in the northern part of the town, inside a hut on the hill.
Snob BeachesThe fish of this area is located in the northernmost part of the location with name, inside the usual scattered hovel.
Crossroads of Ciarpame: the garbage dump hides a fish to be found in order to complete this challenge, precisely in the most southeastern area of the crossroads.

Six Shots or Heavy Assault Rifle (DIFFICULT) - 10 Stars

To complete this challenge you will need to make two kills using only one of these two (both new) weapons: Six Shot Revolver or Heavy Assault Rifle. The first weapon has extremely high damage but needs good aim and a bit of patience to be used correctly, while the second is an extremely powerful version (although a bit slower in reloading) of the normal assault rifle we are used to; arm yourself with patience and try to kill opponents with these weapons.

To find them we suggest you wait for an air refueling or search inside the crates.

Fortnite Season 6 Guide - Week 8 Battle Pass Challenges

These challenges can only be completed by players who have purchased for 1000 v-bucks (about 10€) the battle pass from the internal store of Epic Games.

Get a score of 3 in different clay pigeon shoots - 5 stars

To complete this challenge the game will ask you to hit at least three targets in a row in three different clay pigeon shoots scattered around the game map. To activate this event you will need to get to the machine, activate it with the interaction button and you will take several skeet shots one after the other. Between one clay pigeon and another there is no need to touch the machine again and it will do almost everything by itself.

We recommend that you use medium and long range automatic weapons such as assault rifles for this type of challenge; pump guns are also excellent weapons for the challenge because of the spread of the bullets they fire; the latter will help you to hit the targets without the need to be particularly precise.

Below you'll find a map with the locations of the various clay pigeon shoots: only three are needed to complete the challenge but there are six for the moment on the game map.

Laundry Basin: The skeet skeet shooting is quite easy to find because it is located on the north side of the lake, near a large tree.

Confusion Conducts: The skeet shooting of Condotti Confusi is located near the road that connects the location to Laboratorio Della Latrina, near the edge of the island, west of an unnamed hut.

Paradise Palm Grove: To find this skeet shooting will be necessary to go looking for the estuary of the river that crosses the southern part of the desert area; the skeet shooting will be near a caravan.

Pompous pastimes: From Pomposi pastimes you can find a skeet shooting machine by simply heading east over a bridge. It will be on the side of the road and is perfectly visible.

Pacific Park: A clay pigeon shooting machine is located on a hill just west of Pacific Park, near the marshy area there.

Retreat Refuge: A clay pigeon shooting machine is located inside a clearing in the lower part of Blaterante Forest; it's not easy to see because of the large amount of trees there.

Get Stunt Points in a vehicle - 5 stars

This challenge requires the player to achieve a total of at least 250000 stunt points using one of the three vehicles available in the game, shopping carts, ATKs or Quad Annihilators that they are. Stunt points are irrelevant points for gameplay purposes that are obtained by jumping with a vehicle from a ramp or elevated zone and are earned based on the jump and the distance travelled in flight.

The more you will be flying or jumping high and far, the more the score will be. Getting 250000 points simply takes a not exactly ignorable amount of time, arm yourself with materials and friends to complete this challenge without breaking the hard drive where you saved Fortnite : Royal Battle to solve it quickly.

Visit different places indicated in a single batch (DIFFICULT)- 10 stars

This challenge asks the player to visit four different places indicated in a single game; the places indicated are the places within the title with a name and therefore immediately recognizable within the game map.

This is the complete list of places considered as indicated:

Ciarpame Crossroads, Cursed Montagnole, Risky Rapids, Pacific Park, Blaterante Woods, Tomato Temple, Bucato Basin, Snob Beaches, Pendent Pinnacles, Retreating Shelter, Corso Commercio, Muffito Warehouse, Bisunto Grove, Confusion Ducts, Lethal Land, Putrid Marsh, Latrine Workshop, Adventurous Landing, Pompous Pastimes, Paradise Palm Grove.

We advise you to start the challenge by landing to the edge of the map and try to catch a vehicle as soon as possible. This will allow you to reach all the necessary locations very quickly. If you land in Palmeto Paradisiaco or Latrina Laboratories it will be easy to get an ATK to complete the challenge with given the high percentage of Spawn.

Phase challenge - 10 Stars

Step 1: Use the grappling hook

The first phase of the challenge will ask players to use the grappling hook once. The only difficulty that may result from the delivery of this challenge is to find the grappling hook itself, an object not always traceable within the title with simplicity. Therefore we recommend that you also play modes such as Domina La Disco so you can find weapons and rare items more easily, or at least if you do not want to do so always put an eye towards the distributors.

Step 2: Use a launch pad to launch the fish.

This second phase asks the player to use a launch pad once in a single game. Launch platforms are quite common items that are found inside both crates and aircraft supplies; once you've placed one, just jump on it to solve the problem of this stage two that people hate so much. You can also complete the challenge simply by jumping over a launch pad placed by any player on the map, which could also happen during the more advanced stages of the game.
The mode dominates the disco, in any case, once again, is recommended for the completion of the challenge seen.

Step 3: Use a slit

This last phase of the Weekly Challenges asks the player to use a slit once; both the slits scattered around the game map and those that can be generated through the special object are valid. The former are located in different places on the map that you may already know as the underground bunker in Bosco Blaterante or the Viking city near Condotti Confusi, the latter is a bit rarer and must be found inside the various chests or air supplies that you can find around the game map. To overcome the problem of rarity there is always the usual Domina La Disco mode!

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