Fortnite: Guide of the Challenges of Week 1 of Season 6

The sixth season of Fornite officially begins with this series of challenges, this time animated by a much darker and horror theme than the previous ones. In the course of this guide we , we will try to explain to you readers how to complete all the challenges proposed by the developers of Epic Games and how to take your battle pass to the highest level with these challenges.

All that remains is to throw us inside the renewed map of Fortnite , among shadow stones, legendary objects, floating islands and who knows how many other novelties.

Fortnite Season 6 Guide - Free Week 1 challenges.

These challenges can be completed without purchasing the battle pass and are therefore available to all players who have Fortnite installed them on their device/console/computer.

Collect three legendary items in different matches - 5 Battle Stars

This challenge asks the player to take on three legendary weapons over as many games as he likes. To complete this challenge, the best thing to do is to try to grab as many chests as possible within the game map, throwing yourself into locations where you can hoard them with ease.

The legendary weapons are recognized by the yellowish aura, they are among the rarest possible loots to be found within the title because of their great firepower. If you do not want to opt for the technique of the chests it is better to simply wait for the last stages of the game and aim them to get an air refueling: the air refueling almost certainly contain one or more legendary objects and allow you to solve the challenge with enormous speed.

Get 150 health points from a comfortable bonfire - 5 Battle Stars.

To complete this challenge the player will be required to retrieve 150 health points using the comfortable bonfire object: this object must be placed above some kind of construction and will work with time.

The comfortable bonfire regenerates 2HP per second for 25 seconds of total duration, bringing the maximum number of HP recoverable in a single session to 50. To recover HP, of course, you must have lost them first as a result of something; it is useless to place the bonfire on the ground if you have the energy bar full.

Once you have suffered damage take your bonfire, fortify yourself and place it on the ground. Do this three times and you will come out like new, with five battle stars as the final prize.

Phase challenge(DIFFICULT)- 3 stars of the battle.

Step 1 - Look for three chests

The first phase of this challenge asks the player to open three chests around the game map. The chests are scattered throughout virtually the entire game map, inside houses, buildings, or in particular geographical points such as mountain tops or river beds. Completing this challenge should be anything but difficult thanks to the enormous amount of existing chests.

If you can't complete this challenge you can head to one of the less busy spots on the map (based on the route of the battle bus, of course) and start searching that area for the long-awaited chests.

Step 2 - Search for two supplies.

The second phase of this challenge asks the player to open two supplies deliveries (or air supplies as you like) within different games. The difficulty level, compared to the first phase, has increased significantly because air supplies are types of crates that appear in the more advanced stages of the game, falling slowly from the sky attached to a balloon.

On the ground these boxes are signaled by gold smoke bombs at the end of the rainbow, something that rarely happens and you don't forget.

The problem gets complicated because meeting a llama is one of the rarest events you can have to deal with during your games at Fortnite . During each game there are a very limited number of llamas scattered throughout the game map, so the only thing you can do is try to cross your fingers and open your eyes as much as possible. Basically: good luck.

Fortnite Season 5 - Battle Pass Challenges

These challenges can only be completed by players who have purchased for 1000 v-bucks (about 10€) the battle pass from the internal store of Epic Games.

Apply 500 units of Shield to your character - 5 Battle Stars

This challenge will ask players to apply 500 shield units to their character. Applying a shield simply means using items that increase the value of the armor within the game.

These items are:

  • Shield potions:rare object that recharges the shield of use by 50 points.
  • Small shield potion:common object that recharges the user's shield by 25 points. You can not use this object if you have more than 50 shield points.

  • Mushroom:consumable object traceable throughout the world of Fortnite ; you can consume as many mushrooms as you want without paying attention to any kind of limit, it is simply important to find them. To consume one mushroom is equivalent to recover five shield points.

  • Drinking pitcher: The drinking carafe is one of the rarest objects in the game (it is legendary) and allows the user to recover 100 health points and 100 shield points in 15 long seconds.
  • Juicy Juice (Epic)
    The juicy juice is the all-rounder of the Fortnite . It restores25 health points e 25 shield points during 25 seconds avoiding any kind of limitation.

Once the 500 shield points have been recovered, it will be possible to bring home the five battle stars that serve as a prize for this challenge.

Phase challenge- 3 battle stars.

This step-by-step challenge will ask the player to land from the battle bus in different locations named within the game map.

Step 1: Land at the Ciarpame Crossroads

Phase 1 asks the player to land at Ciarpame Crossroads...very simple.

Step 2 Land at the Tomato Temple

The second phase asks the player to land at Tomato Temple.

Step 3 Land to Pending Pinnacles

The third phase asks the player to land at Pendent Pinnaclesone of the most famous and emblematic locations in the title...

Dance under the lights of different street lamps (DIFFICULT) - 10 Battle Stars

This challenge asks the player to use a dance emote under the lights projected by street lamps within the various game cities. Any dance emote is fine to complete this challenge, which implies that it is simply necessary to understand which street lights you need to dance under.

It is important to note that not all streetlights are suitable for this purpose and the game is bloody full of streetlights. They are a specific type of streetlights allows this challenge to be completed and is represented by streetlights with a couple of boxes attached to the metal rod.

Dancing under these streetlamps you will immediately notice how the streetlamp will start changing corners of the southeast corner of the town.

  • A dance lamp post is located in the northern part of Lethal Lands, near the barn in the circle (refer to the map).
  • A dance lamp post is located in Corco commerce, in the central-western area, near the dog cage in the area.
  • A dance lamp post is located near the entrance to the Risky Rapids, in plain sight.
  • A dance lamp in the parking lot in the northern area of Pompous Pastimes.
  • Eliminate opponents in different locations indicated - 10 Battle Stars

    This challenge asks the player to eliminate five opponents in five different game areas that have a name on the map. Essentially this means that you must eliminate opponents in five of the following areas: Ciarpame Crossroads, Cursed Mountains, Risky Rapids, Pacific Park, Blaterante Woods, Tomato Temple, Sponde Del Saccheggio, Snob Beaches, Pendent Pinnacles, Retreating Shelter, Corso Commercio, Muffito Warehouse, Bisunto Grove, Confusion Ducts, Lethal Lands, Putrid Marsh, Latrine Laboratory, Adventurous Landing, Pompous Pastimes, Paradise Palm Grove.

    Five opponents, five different game zones, one goal.
    Simple, linear and concise, have fun.

    If you too have problems with the wonderful world of Fortnite consult the guides we have made for you and your problems. We have created guides for practically all types of problems, starting with the more general ones related to objects, weapons, traps and constructions!

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