Guide Fortnite - All Vending Machine Locations

Vending machines are the latest addition made in the battle royale mode of . These items introduce a new way for players to get rare weapons and equipment during each match. Vending machines are scattered throughout the Battle Royale map and require materials to be used. To complete a transaction, all you need is the number of materials required. Knowing the location of all the vending machines Fortnite can be a great advantage! To give you a hand, we bring you this guide to explain, firstly, how the vending machines work and Fortnite , secondly, to show you where to find them. In fact, we have included a map with all the locations of the vending machines you know so far.

Fortnite How vending machines work

The vending machines Fortnite are quite simple. If you've collected a lot of building materials and saved some, you can spend them at the vending machines to get new weapons and supplies in the battle royale mode of the Epic game.

Each vending machine will offer three different items (one for each type of material) and will randomly determine the rarity of these items. All three items for sale in a single vending machine will have the same rarity.

Here is how much you will have to spend for each level of rarity:

Common objects (white) - 100 materials
Uncommon objects (green): 200 materials
Rare Objects (blue) - 300 materials
Epic Objects (Purple) - 400 Materials
Legendary items (orange) - 500 materials

Hit the vending machine with your pickaxe to scroll through the three items for sale faster. Otherwise, the three items for sale will slide by themselves for a short period of time. There is no limit to the number of items you can buy from a vending machine, as long as you have the materials to spend.

Fortnite All vending machine locations

Below you'll find a map of all vending machine locations in Fortnite . Unlike some weekly challenges in Fortnite , vending machines don't necessarily regenerate in one place each time, but tend to generate themselves in predictable locations, a bit like checkouts.

So when you visit one of the vending machines on the map below, keep in mind that you won't always be able to find one at that location every time, but the odds are better than if you were wandering around the game map at random. So, visit the locations marked on the map from time to time and hope to find a vending machine.

On this map are marked the currently known locations of Fortnite . You won't always find one in those locations, but they are the areas where they are most often found.

Keep an eye on vending machines in the city like Tilted Towers, Pleasant Park and Retail Row. Some vending machines can also be generated along routes that lead away from cities or major points of interest.

Vending machines have been added Fortnite as part of the latest v3.4 update, which also introduced a new Easter Egg Launcher for Save the World, as well as the new time-limited game mode, High Explosives v2.

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