Guide Far Cry 5: How to Unlock Both Endings

Far Cry 5 came out about a week ago and there are those who have already finished it and those who are still exploring Montana far and wide. While the game is on its second week of release, players are still curious about some things they haven't been able to discover. One of those things is about the finale. How many endings does Far Cry 5 have? Is there a good ending? Is there a bad ending? How do you unlock both? With this guide we're going to try to clarify and see how to unlock the Good ending and the Bad ending of Far Cry 5. We warn you that since these are endings, the guide has a high SPOILER rate.

Like other chapters in the series, Far Cry 5 has a total of two main endings that you can unlock by doing precise actions. There's also a secret ending that's what you unlock after just 15 minutes of gameplay. To learn more about this secret ending, read our guide How to finish Far Cry 5 in 15 minutes. You'll see below the two main endings marked "good ending" and "bad ending", but there's really no good or bad ending in Far Cry 5. There are only two different outcomes, and it's up to you to choose what you want to pursue.

We still remember that this article contains SPOILER because it describes the key moments in the plot of the main Far Cry 5 campaign. For this reason, if you want to unlock these endings yourself, you'd better finish reading it here. Otherwise, go ahead.

How to get the Good Ending in Far Cry 5

If you want to unlock the choice we can consider more positive in Far Cry 5, then you'll have to continue the game until you've eliminated all of Seed's followers whom he calls "children" and then face Joseph Seed himself. This will trigger a fight with the boss, which will end with Seed shot down and arrested. Once this happens, however, a flash of lightning will appear in the background, which will set off a nuclear explosion in the distance.

When that happens, Deputy Hudson and his mates will escape by truck to the valley exit. Unfortunately, the driver will lose control and the truck will crash into a tree. The player faints, then wakes up and finds himself dragged by Joseph Seed into a bunker. Old Hudson lies dead in the corner while Seed starts a monologue, talking about his plans to rebuild his congregation from you. The screen fades to black and the credits make their appearance.

As you see, we can't call it Good, but it's the best you'll get. Now let's see how you get the other outcome, the worst ending.

How to Get the Bad Ending in Far Cry 5

To unlock the worst ending of the two, wait until you have the option to stop Seed or leave the man to himself (after eliminating his followers). Choose not to arrest him and this will allow you to leave. However, as you drive away from the conflict zone, you will see the screen flashing red. The song that Seed used to use to brainwash his flock will also start. The screen fades to black while the song also fades, leaving you in doubt: are you dead or brainwashed by Seed's congregation? Anyway, it's clear that this ending is not good, being quite more cryptic than the previous one.

You choose how to finish the game during the first run. 

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