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If you are already struggling with Far Cry 5, you will have already easily understood that, to complete your adventure and get the better of John Seed, you will need good and faithful allies. Among the various companions of adventure that we will find during the game, we may come across three animals: a dog, a puma and a bear. Each of them can be unlocked in a variety of ways, and each of them will have their own unique abilities, which will remove your chestnuts from the fire often and willingly. If you have already found Boomer the dog, in this guide we will explain how you can unlock Peaches the puma and what his skills are in combat.

Far Cry 5: How to Find and Recruit Peaches

Who said dogs and cats could never get along? In fact, in our case, a slightly older dog and cat could be two of our most loyal allies. If Boomer has already shown that, once again, the dog is man's best friend, with Peaches we will discover that even felines know how to show loyalty to their "master". However, it is good to clarify one point immediately: in order to unlock Peaches we will have to complete a much more complex mission than that of gaining the trust of our beloved dog.

This is where Peaches' quest begins.

First of all, the first thing to do is to go to Taxidermy Peaches, a town in Faith territory, south of Drubman Marina. If you don't have a good idea of where to go, we'll leave you a picture attached that will indicate the exact location of your destination. Once you arrive, you will notice that the area in question is rather empty, and that our cougar is no longer in his enclosure. At this point, talk to Miss Mable, who will tell you everything that happened and that Peaches ran away and never came back. Following her instructions to the letter, we immediately take the sack with Peaches' "prizes" which, needless to say, are real meat morsels.

How to Bring Peaches' Mission to Terminate

For the final victory, you will need loyal allies.

At this point, all you have to do is follow the quest marker until you come across a group of cultists. Once you've got rid of them, you won't be able to see Peaches yet; to attract them, you'll have to use the meat bites we talked about earlier. By activating the weapons wheel, you'll scroll through the various pieces that make up your arsenal, until you get to what you've collected outside the fence. Throw one of them on the ground, just as if you were throwing a grenade, and you'll see our dear cougar splash out to eat it.

Now that you've found Peaches, you're gonna have to throw lots of little pieces of meat so our feline can travel back to Taxidermy Peaches. As you can easily see, on the way back you will come across a ravine; to go further on you will have to make sure that the cougar goes over the bridge. Also be careful not to throw your morsels too far from Peaches, as they may not smell it and may not follow you.

Once you're back at the starting point, you'll run into a group of cultists again. There a whole load of cultists there. Get them out of the way without hesitation and, once you've done that, lure our sweet Peaches into her enclosure, throwing meat inside. Once you've rescued the feline, talk to Miss Mable and Peaches will immediately be added to your roster of allies.

Peach's Skills

Who hasn't wanted a cougar for a friend?

Unlike Boomer, Peach is a dedicated killer ally. Among his abilities we can find "Pounce," with which to perform a silent kill on our puma. Also, through the perk "Stalk", we can make the feline move silently in the tall grass without being seen. Remember, also, you unlock the perk "Leadership", to add a second slot for your allies.

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