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Mission Went There (Main Mission)

WHAT TO DO: Save agent Beagle in the Hotel Bisonte Steve and join him in the Casino Vikki and Vance in Primm. Talk to Beagle again to learn that you'll need to travel to Novac via Nipton to gather new information. You'll find Nipton in flames devastated by the Legion with a single survivor, a Powder Ganger named Boxcars who will also give you a secondary mission. Continue along the way and get to Novac, go to the motel and look for Manny Vargas' room, you will find him here at night or during the day he will be in the mouth of the dinosaur serving as a sniper. Manny is a former Great Khan and will be able to give you information about the men who tried to kill you, if he doesn't do it for any reason you can always enter the computer of his room to get the necessary information. At this point you will have to intercept the Great Khan in Boulder City to find out more about the matter. Once you arrive in the destroyed city you'll find Lieutenant Monroe who will tell you that access to the ruins is interrupted because they are occupied by the Great Khan, offer your help in order to enter and also receive the secondary mission "Account settlement in Boulder City". Once inside, take off any faction clothing you are wearing and go undisturbed (as neutral to the Great Khan) to the only accessible building in the area to negotiate an agreement. Talk to Jessup the leader of the Great Khan and ask him about Benny (the man who tried to kill you) and the platinum chip to complete the mission. Talk to Jessup again to complete the secondary mission this way:
-If you have a value in eloquence of 45 you can easily get a deal to free the hostages.
- Alternatively, if you talk a little more you will learn that Monroe would not disdain financial aid for the soldiers' families.
We advise you to use eloquence makes everything easier but if you can't do it pay 500 caps to Monroe to settle the matter (they become 400 if you have a barter value of 45) thus completing the mission. Whether you use eloquence with Jessup and then inform Monroe of the deal or you pay Monroe we suggest you tell him to let go of the Great Khan as this choice will buy you positive fame with both this faction and the RNC!

Mission ERA NOW

HOW TO OBTAIN IT: 聽you should have come across two dead Steel Brotherhood paladins at the bottom of a radioactive crater near Black Mountain. One of them had a note with him, once collected go to discover the Hidden Valley (just south-east of Sloan) and enter one of the 3 bunkers (the one with the door very difficult to open). Now since many of you certainly don't have a burglary value equal to 100 speak in the intercom and use the password provided in the paladin's note to open the door and start the mission talking with Elder McNamara. Another way to get through the door with lock Very Difficult is to bring with you Veronica, one of the permanent companions of the game, this bunker is her home and coming here will not have difficulty to open the door talking in the intercom.

WHAT TO DO: The Elder will tell you that in order to keep the secret of the location of this hideout they have to trust you before letting you go, so after putting on a nice explosive collar to avoid your escape they will ask you to take care of an RNC mercenary who has settled in one of the other bunkers in the valley. Go to the bunker in question and talk to the mercenary named Dobson, if you have a value in eloquence of 30 you can immediately gain his confidence with a joke and with a further value of 50 you can convince him that the bunker is used by Powder Gangers as an occasional hideout sending him away from the area. Alternatively, you can break his radio (do it when he's not in the bunker or he will attack you), kill him yourself, or tamper with his radio by blowing it up the next time you use it. The important thing is that, one way or another, the mercenary is no longer a nuisance to the Brotherhood of Steel. Go back to Elder McNamara and inform him of the work done (if you used eloquence to drive out the mercenary you'll also get a commendation) to remove the explosive collar that you had previously put on, take a ride to get information and still talk to the Elder to be commissioned to retrieve the holonastri of three patrols sent on a mission outside. Talk to Chief Paladin Hardin to find out about his discontent with Elder McNamara and inform him about your new mission and get 4 optional targets:

-examine the documents in the Brotherhood's archive relating to the elders removed from their position.

-I'm talking to the first-degree Paladin Ramos on behalf of Hardin.

-Help Chief Paladin to find a way to remove Elder McNamara.

-Get back to Hardin with the missing patrol disks (this goal is to be completed only if you want to help Hardin to become the new Elder and get the corresponding ending).

Go to the archive room (the one with all the terminals) and talk to Scriba Ibsen to find out that the archive is under attack by a virus and cannot be consulted. You will have to help him to isolate and destroy the virus through a small "minigame", offering your help the scribe will put himself on one of the terminals and as soon as he says "The virus has just jumped" he will start the minute of time you have to isolate the 3 terminals infected by the virus. You will have to find the 3 terminals in which the virus is located before it jumps to the others, you will immediately notice when a terminal is infected if you interact with it and the message "Check Isolation" appears, in that case you just have to interact with it again and isolate the virus (if the message "Log in to the Datastore" appears, leave the terminal immediately and switch to another one). There is no precise method to overcome this minigame because the terminals change every time but if you have a science value of 70 talking to the scribe you can make sure that, once you find one of the infected terminals, the virus remains permanently even after you have made the "jump" making things easier as you can take care of even one terminal at a time. Once the virus has been destroyed, talk to the Scribe Ibsen who will give you access to only a part of the data you need, so to get access to the rest, go and talk to the Paladin Ramos. Going back to the archive read the incident n.2 to get a new optional target:

-Ask the Paladin Ramos for information on the Chain that Binds.

Subsequently, by asking Ramos for information on this subject, you will get a new permission to read more news in the archive along with another goal:

-Analyzes the datastore for information about the Chain that Binds.

Once analyzed you will finally receive a last (for now) optional target:

-Get back to Hardin with your findings on the Binding Chain.

It can be easily completed by talking to Hardin who will ask you to find something that shows that McNamara gave orders to one of his subordinates without informing him and he is referring just to the holonastri that the Elder has asked you to recover... you are back outdoors!

If you have already completed the mission "Crazy, Crazy, Crazy" following our guide you will have already obtained the Holonaster at Black Mountain, otherwise go see it (link to the mission). WARNING: Before going to REPCONN Headquarters we recommend you to have parameters in burglary and science at least equal to 75 (ie for locks and terminals Difficult) or 100 if you want to get the unique weapon we are talking about during the solution because the structure is full of locks and terminals that hide ammunition and information. Arrived at the REPCONN headquarters and not to have problems with the security robots enter during "visiting hours" that goes from 10 am to 5 pm, once inside if you have no values or science or burglary equal to 50 to open the door on your right (the one with the corpses in front) we recommend you take the rooms on the left with or without the guide of the robot in charge of the tour to get to the room with a model of the Solar System, Here you open the door of the insiders and go up the stairs to find a key to the above door that will also serve as a pass for facial recognition so that you don't have any problems in the future with the robots on the ground floor. When you open the door a robot will tell you that your face has not been recognized so hack the terminal in the first desk to get the recognition, now if you have a value in science or burglary equal to 100 you can pass the door at the end of the corridor beyond which you just need to go up to the 3rd floor shortening a bit 'of road (entering you will find on the left in a red pod the unique plasma gun called "Q-35 matter modulator"), otherwise go up the stairs and follow us to get to the holonastri. When you get to the 2nd floor REPCONN office go left and take the first door on the left, at the end of the room there is a terminal (don't forget to take the book "You and Nikola Tesla" next door) from hackare to update your facial recognition on the second floor. Alternatively follow the corridor and take the left turn, then enter the first room on the right to find a security card for this floor (in the desk next door there is also a Sunset Sarsaparilla star cap), in this room by hacking the terminal at the bottom with a science value of 75 you can also get a security card for the 3rd floor. Return to the corridor and continue to the end and then turn and climb the stairs to the upper floor REPCONN office better known as 3 floor. Unfortunately for you the security card for the 3rd floor will be useless without a value in science of 100 to hackare a terminal on one of the counters from which to update it on this floor but if you have a value in luck of 7 you can randomly guess the password, in case you do not have this "luck" (allow me the pun) you have 30 after one of the robots interacted with you to leave before they become hostile. In this short time starting from the distributors look to the right to find the bodies of the two paladins of the Brotherhood of Steel from which to take the holonaster and if you want the armor. Go back to the Contaminated Zone and head towards the Nellis Air Force Base, if you have been there before then you will have no problem taking the holonaster from the corpse of the Brotherhood paladin, but if this is the first time you are here you better follow our guide. Just before the base you should find on the road a man named George who wants to make a bet with you, we recommend you to accept at 300 caps as it is obvious that you will come back alive and earn double! George will explain that the area up ahead is a minefield because the Boomers occupying the base shoot with rocket launchers at anyone who comes close and in this regard offers to buy from him a page with instructions on how to overcome the area. Our advice is to save first of all and then to, passed the first crater, keep left running as fast as I can to avoid being bombed (the explosions will maim you and kill you in a very short time) until you get to the fence, in fact once there will cease fire. Get to the gate and talk to the guards to escort you inside to talk to Mother Pearl and also get the secondary mission "Flying! This whole process is to make sure that once you are out looking for the corpse with the holonaster, you are not targeted by the rocket launchers again. Once you find the paladin, take the last holonastro and go back to Elder McNamara to inform him about the status of the patrols, he will inform you not to be surprised and will give you the task of meeting 3 of his scouts around the Contaminated Zone.

At this point you will have 2 choices:

-Talk to Hardin to inform him about the developments of the story and inform him that Elder McNamara has broken the Chain he Binds, in this way you will give him the necessary evidence to depose him and become Elder himself. By making this choice you will immediately complete the mission and by coming back after a few days and talking to the new Elder Hardin you will get the secondary mission "Mind your own business".

-Choosing instead to side with Elder McNamara do not inform Hardin about the developments but instead continue with the mission and go looking for the 3 scouts of the Brotherhood.

The scouts in question are one near the RNC Penitentiary Complex, one near Nipton and one near Camp Forlorn Hope. Reach the markers on the map and talk to each of them to get their reports.

Now go back to Elder McNamara to deliver the reports and get a new assignment, to learn more will send you to talk to Knight Lorenzo who will give you the task of retrieving spare parts from 3 Vault scattered throughout the region on 3, 11 and 22.

Let's start by going to Vault 3 whose entrance is hidden in the Eastern Ruins Entrance of South Vegas (travel quickly to the Rey Motel next door if you discovered it during your travels, the entrance is in Demon territory so be careful. Once inside, take care of the other Demons in the area and go to the left to discover Vault 3 with its entrance that can be activated with the panel next to it. As soon as you enter, a Demon guard will stop you asking what you are doing and at this point you will have the options:

-With a value in eloquence of 64 you can convince her that her boss called you.

-If you have obtained the mission "Aba Daba Honeymoon" you can tell him that you must deliver components.

-Kill her by making all the Vault Demons hostile and causing the aforementioned secondary mission to fail.

After passing the guard in more or less peaceful ways, then explore the Vault if you want to find huge amounts of drugs and even a small sub-quest in the inhabited neighborhoods (talk to the guy behind bars named Rick) that consists in releasing prisoners held hostage by the Demons, you simply have to find a demon named Daniel who lives in one of the apartments in this area and get his key, it's up to you to choose how to get it (releasing the prisoners in front of the Demons will NOT make you hostile towards them and will NOT even result in their death so go quietly). To go on go to the Maintenance Wing and explore it until when you open a door you will see a man sitting next to two dogs, he is the leader of the Demons and his name is Motor-Runner, if you are not a regular drug user we suggest you to sell him all the drugs collected in the Vault as he will pay you 20 caps a piece, Also by killing him you can get the unique weapon "Electric Saw" but unless you've already completed the quest "Aba Daba Honeymoon" we advise you not to do it because it will make you fail in addition to making all the demons of the Vault become hostile. After talking to us, look in the locker on your left to find the Reverse Pulse Filter that has caused you so much trouble, then we leave Vault 3 to head to Vault 22 and continue on the quest.

Once inside the Vault fix the elevator in front of you (it will speed up your movements, otherwise the stairs on the left are fine too) and go to the Common Area floor and then go downstairs to enter the dormitories where you will find on a shelf the Access Card to the Vault 22 cave, take it and go back to the elevator to reach the fifth floor. As soon as you reach this floor turn left and go up the stairs to reach a room where there is the door of the Food Production, enter and take the first right then straight until the obligatory left turn to reach the door that leads to the oxygen recycling. Go straight in, pass the hole in the wall and go to the bottom right corner to find the HEPA Cartridge-Filter in the lockers.

Now go to Vault 11, enter and descend until you pass the door called Vault 11 - Inhabited Quarters, descend again and pass the door marked Admin, now just turn right and follow the signs for Overseer's Office that will lead you to the door for the lower level.

When you reach the lower level turn the corner, take the first right and go down the corridor turning left. Now take the first flight of stairs and go down until you are in the water, turn left and continue taking the first door on the right. Look in the locker to find the differential pressure regulator.

Go back to Elder Knight Lorenzo and give him the components then talk to Elder McNamara to complete the mission and unlock, after waiting 3 days (better if you go out and come back through some door to avoid bugs), the secondary mission "The Blind Sight" talking with McNamara.


HOW TO OBTAIN IT: Complete the secondary mission "Still in the dark" getting the main ending and not the optional one (see the solution to the mission in question on our site to see how to do it).

WHAT TO DO: If you have already completed the secondary mission "Crazy, Crazy, Crazy" this mission will be a piece of cake because the main objective is to install a transmitter in the radio on the top of the mountain, if you have not completed the quest about this place is HIGHLY recommended to do it by looking at the guide on our site, once this is done, enter Tabitha's room and install the transmitter to complete the mission after talking again with Elder McNamara.

Mind Your Own Business Mission


WHAT TO DO: WARNING Completion of this mission will result in the failure, if you have not already completed it, of the secondary mission "Heartache by the number". You will have to go and kill all members of the Van Graff family in the Freeside. The targets are the owners of the local Silver Rush, a famous energy weapons dealer in the area where you can't enter armed unless you take out the guard outside (which you must do unless you want to take them all out with your bare hands... and we remind you that they sell energy weapons!), enter and kill all members and criminals of the Van Graff family. Once the targets have been exterminated, go back to talking to Elder Hardin to obtain the title of Paladin of the Brotherhood and training in atomic armor, thus completing the mission.

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