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As we all know by now, Fallout 76 will be the first chapter in the series to be voted to online multiplayer. As also happened with The Elder Scrolls Online, it will be possible to wander in the postnuclear wasteland in the company of our most trusted friends and allies, all corresponding, this time, to real players. The game made by Bethesda Softworks retains fully its role-playing component, but adds an important new feature regarding its famous Perk. If, in previous incarnations of the series, it was possible to unlock the various skills of the Lone Wanderer through a system of progression by levels, in this online version, instead, the perks will be assigned by finding cards available through the level increase of our protagonist. In this guide, we'll explain how the Perks work, as well as a complete list of all the skills in the game Fallout 76 , in which there are some that we already know and others brand new.

Fallout 76 : the complete list of all the Perks in the game

Let's get started right away by pointing out one crucial element: the level progression and the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system that all Fallout fans know so well has remained almost intact, with only one change: If Perks could previously be activated and upgraded through Skill Points, now we'll have to get their corresponding Perk Cards. These are real cards, which we'll have to find and eventually upgrade to improve the effect of the guaranteed skill. Thanks to the game beta, it was possible to take a thorough look at all the perks that will be present in the final version of the game. Below, we've compiled a list with all the skills found by players so far, divided by category, leaving you a brief description of their effects.

Fallout 76 : all the Perk Cards related to the parameter Strenght

All abilities related to the Strength parameter will have the effect of increasing the damage inflicted by certain types of weapons or, alternatively, decrease the weight of them and/or their ammunition. Finally, it will also be possible to decrease the weight of other categories of items, such as food, drinks and medicines.

  • Bandolier - the weight of ballistic weapons ammunition will be decreased;
  • Batteries Included - the weight of energy weapons ammunition will be decreased;
  • Bear Arms - heavy guns will weigh less;
  • Bullet Shield - the player will gain more damage resistance when shooting with a heavy rifle;
  • Expert Heavy Gunner - heavy guns with non-explosive bullets will inflict more damage;
  • Expert Slugger - two-handed melee weapons will inflict more damage;
  • Gladiator - one-handed melee weapons will inflict more damage;
  • Iron Fist - bare-knuckle attacks will inflict more damage, which can stun the enemy;
  • Pack Rat - the weight of all "Junk" items will be less;
  • Slugger - the weight of two-handed melee weapons will be decreased;
  • Sturdy Frame - the weight of armor will be decreased;
  • Thru-Hiker - the weight of food and drink will be reduced;
  • Travelling Pharmacy - the weight of the drugs will be reduced;

Fallout 76 all Perk Cards related to the Perception parameter.

Perception-related Perks, on the other hand, will increase your ability to observe your surroundings, react more readily to its stimuli, and identify objects of interest for your adventure, such as caps, ammunition, magazines, bobbleheads, and so on.

  • Butcher's Bounty - you'll be able to find additional units of meat when you go to loot an animal's carcass;
  • Concentrated Fire - attacks using V.A.T.S and directed at the same part of the body will increase both their accuracy and the damage they inflict;
  • Expert Picklock - you will gain +1 points in your lock picking ability, and the weak point of the lock will be a certain percentage larger;
  • Green Thumb - you will have the opportunity to harvest twice as much raw material when you reap the flora;
  • Master Picklock - you will gain +1 points in your lock picking ability, and the weak point of the lock will be a certain percentage larger;
  • Night Person - you will gain +1 Intelligence and +1 Perception in the time slot from 6pm to 6am;
  • Pannapictagraphist - you will hear a sound every time you are in the vicinity of a Magazine;
  • Percepti-bobble - you will hear a sound every time you are near a Bobblehead;
  • Picklock - you will gain +1 points in your ability to pick locks, and the weak point of the lock will be 10% wider;
  • Refractor - you will gain +5 energy resistance points;
  • Sniper - your aim with sniper rifles will be improved, and you'll be able to hold your breath longer to stabilize your sight;

Fallout 76 all Perk Cards related to the Endurance parameter.

As the die-hard fans of Fallout will surely know, the skills related to this parameter are those directly related to your survival in the wasteland. In this case, by favoring this type of perk, your character will be able to recover more Health Points by eating food and, most importantly, will be more resistant to radiation.

  • Aquagirl - your character will no longer be affected by radiation when he swims, and he can even breathe underwater;
  • Dromedary - all the drinks will satisfy your thirst 15% more;
  • Iron Stomach - the chance of getting food poisoning by consuming the food at your disposal will be reduced;
  • Lead Belly - radiation from food and drink consumption will be reduced;
  • Professional Drinker - there will no longer be a risk of developing an alcohol addiction;
  • Revenant - you will earn a damage bonus of +25%, lasting 2 minutes, when another player resurrects you;
  • Slow Metabolizer - all the food you eat will go 15% more to appease your hunger;
  • Thirst Quencher - the chance of getting food poisoning from the drinks you consume will be decreased;
  • Vaccinated - the chance of contracting a disease from creatures you encounter during the game will be decreased;

Fallout 76 all Perk Cards related to the Charisma parameter.

Charisma skills have literally been turned upside down. While previously they gave us access to new dialogue options, or a greater chance to overcome eloquence challenges, in Fallout 76 Perks in this category have the function of empowering our teammates, helping them or strengthening our team.

  • Animal Friend - ???
  • Bloodsucker - with this ability, the Stimpak will now quench your thirst, no longer contain any radiation value and cure your health by 50% more;
  • Bodyguards - your Inflicted Damage and Energy Resistance stats will be increased (up to a maximum of 18) for each teammate member of your team (excluding you, of course);
  • Happy Camper - hunger and thirst values will increase 40% more slowly when you are in a camp or workshop of your team;
  • Happy-Go-Lucky - your Fortune will be increased by 2 points when you are under the effects of an alcoholic beverage;
  • Hard Bargain - the prices of buying and selling items at the sellers will be more favorable to you;
  • Inspirational - when you are in a team, you will earn 5% more Experience Points;
  • Lone Wanderer - the moment you go on the adventure alone, you will suffer 10% less damage and your Action Points will regenerate 10% faster;
  • Party Boy/Party Girl - the effects of alcoholic beverages have doubled;
  • Philanthropist - by consuming food or drink, you will refresh your teammates' hunger and thirst parameters;
  • Quack Surgeon - you can resurrect your teammates using liquor!
  • Spiritual Healer - your health will regenerate the moment you resurrect another player;
  • Squad Maneuvers - the moment you are part of a team, you will be running 10% faster;
  • Strange in Numbers - the positive effects of your contracted mutations will be increased by 25% when your teammates are also affected by mutations;
  • Team Medic - your Stimpak will now have the ability to cure your teammates by half their healing value; now also heal nearby teammates for half the normal strength.
  • Vampires - your blood bags will now restore your thirst values, no more radiation and heal your health;

Fallout 76 All Perk Cards related to the Intelligence parameter (Intelligence)

Intelligence abilities will allow you to both hack terminals and repair items in your possession, and even make new ones. By upgrading these Perks, repairs will cost you less material, as well as crafting, and there won't be any computers you can't hack.

  • Contractor - making items at the workshops will cost you 25% less materials;
  • Exotic Weapons Master - ???
  • Expert Hacker - you'll gain +1 in hacking ability, and you'll reduce the time it takes to hack a terminal again;
  • First Aid - Stimpak will restore 10% more health;
  • Grease Monkey - the cost of repairing items in workshops will be reduced by 30%;
  • Hacker - you will gain +1 in hacking ability;
  • Licensed Plumber - your pipe-built weapons will break more slowly, and their repair cost will be reduced;
  • Makeshift Warrior - the chance of your melee weapons breaking down will be reduced by 30%, and their repair costs will be reduced;
  • Master Hacker - you will gain +1 in hacking ability, and you will reduce the time needed to hack a terminal again;
  • Pharmacist - RadAway will remove more radiation;
  • Science - you will be able to build energy weapons (as long as you have the relevant designs);

Fallout 76 all the Perk Cards related to the Agility parameter.

Being in possession of Agility skills will make us able to run faster, or longer, give us better stealth skills, and significantly reduce the consumption of our Action Points. According to what is now written, the Perks in this branch will prove damn useful.

  • Action Boy/Action Girl - the speed of regeneration of Action Points will be increased;
  • Adrenaline - ???
  • Born Survivor - the moment you lose a certain amount of health, a Stimpak will automatically be used;
  • Dead Man Sprinting - the speed of your run, at the cost of more Action Points, will be increased if your health falls below a certain threshold;
  • Dodgy - you can spend 30 Action Points to increase your chances of avoiding any enemy attack by 10%;
  • Goat Legs - the damage incurred from a fall will be reduced;
  • Gun Fu - ???
  • Gun Runner - the speed of your run will be increased;
  • Marathoner - running will cost less in terms of Action Points;
  • Moving Target - the damage you inflict and your resistance to energy will increase as you run;

Fallout 76 all Perk Cards related to the Agility (Fortune) parameter.

As it's easy to understand, fortune related Perks will increase the chance of certain events occurring during the game. One of this branch's most famous abilities is the appearance of the Mysterious Stranger, who has repeatedly helped our Lone Wanderer on his adventures in the devastated world of Fallout.

  • Can Do! - the moment you find a food container, you will also be able to find canned food;
  • Luck of the Draw - your weapon will have 10% regain integrity the moment it hits an enemy;
  • Mystery Meat - every Stimpack you use could generate edible meat. The higher the level of radiation you possess, the higher the chance of this happening;
  • Mysterious Stranger - the Mysterious Stranger will appear more often when you use the V.A.T.S. system;
  • Pharma Farma Farma - when you find a container of medicines, you will have the possibility to find extra units of medicines inside it;
  • Scrounger - the moment you find a container of ammunition, you will have the opportunity to find extra units of drugs inside;
  • Starched Genes - with this ability, you will never be able to undergo mutations due to radiation, and Radawys will no longer cure mutations you already have;
  • Serendipity - the moment you fall below a certain health threshold, there will be a small chance of avoiding damage from your enemies;

Fallout 76 how Perk Cards work

Choosing the right perks could make the difference between life and death.

During the gameplay demo, and the subsequent Q&A held at QuakeCon, Todd Howard explained that in addition to getting Perk Cards as you level up, players will also sometimes find real Perk Card packs. These packs contain four Perk Cards, completely random. Inside these packs of cards there will also be a chewing gum, which will reduce the character's hunger for a while, and a joke. The Perk Card Packs will be distributed on each level and will contain cards for abilities of both higher and lower rank than the level we own.

In addition, in the same conference, the following details about Perk Cards were revealed:

  • When you level up, you can select a S.P.E.C.I.A.L. parameter to increase and choose a card;
  • After level 50, you will receive only cards and no skill points;
  • You can combine Perk cards with each other to level them up to make them even more powerful;
  • You can change the deck of cards at your disposal at any time;
  • Charisma cards are focused on strengthening your teammates when they are close to each other;
  • You will only be able to equip a certain number of cards at a time, but you can accumulate them;
  • Each card has a point value, which indicates how much space it will take up on your deck;
  • You will be able to share certain cards with your teammates;

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