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There is only one small contraindication: in order to find the loot in question you will need to find the place where it is buried. To help you in this task there will be real drawings, which will show you the place where you have to search for the treasure.

As you may have easily guessed, the only real drawback is that the game map for the last Fallout is much, much larger than that of its illustrious predecessors. Based on what's now written, if you haven't explored the entire game world, it's likely that you won't be able to recognize the locations shown in the drawing.

If you're struggling to find a particular treasure, see our solution to all the maps in Fallout 76 and everything will be easier.

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You will recover this treasure in the mountains in the south of the area in question. The two gigantic metal structures illustrated in the drawing will be perfectly visible even from a distance, it will just be a matter of finding the right peak from which to observe them. The hill now described will be located to the west of the constructions mentioned.

Solution Forest Treasure Map #08

You will be able to find the treasure map in question practically at the very first stages of the game. When you get it, open the inventory and consult it. You will find a drawing of a railway bridge crossing a waterway, with a large tree on the right. If you want to lose as little time as possible, here are some clues that will help you in your search: the bridge in question is red, and you can find it by opening the map and looking for a place where the railway intersects with a watercourse or river.

The excavation point is located southeast of Vault 76. If you look at the map, you will see a railway that runs along Route 59 (the black line with notches). At the point where the railway turns east, it will cross a river before turning north again. Well, that crossing area is the one shown in the drawing. When you are on the bridge in question, look southeast, and you will immediately see the place shown in the drawing.

At this point, look for a bump in the ground, which you will notice quite easily on the south side of the stream. Come closer and you will see a prompt message automatically appear asking you to dig. The bulge will deflate like a balloon, and you will get a lot of objects (in our case, a laser, two projects, some addictol and some fusion cells).

Solution Forest Treasure Map #09

You will find this treasure inside the town of Summersville, the one on the shores of the lake east of Vault 76. Head towards the southern end of the city until you find an orange bus in a street. As soon as you spot it, turn back towards the city; go to the first house on the right and look for the treasure in the pile of leaves near the hole in the fence.

Toxic Valley Treasure Map Solution #01

To find the solution to this first Toxic Valley treasure map, you'll need to go to a place called Becker Farm. You can get there by going northwest of Vault 76, west of the giant Ferris wheel that you'll have no trouble seeing. The place in question is a completely destroyed farm, with a small polluted river flowing nearby. In the south-east of the farm, you will find a small section of wall made of wood. The treasure will be right next to that piece of wall.

Toxic Valley Treasure Map Solution #02

In our case, we found the map in question on the corpse of a Ghoul Ferale southwest of Flatwoods Lookout. The Ghoul in question is wearing a fireman's uniform, although it is obviously quite worn. You will also find other ghouls nearby (one of them dressed as a police officer), so keep your eyes peeled for them.

As is often the case, in Fallout 76 you'll find the monsters in question lying on the ground, as if they were dead; however, you'll need to get close enough to see them jump up and run in your direction to attack you.

The location of the treasure on this map will be located northeast of where you found the map, in Clarksburg, near the local aqueduct tower. The water tower is located south of the giant crocodile/ alligator-shaped water slide, which is the most visible attraction in the area. In particular, you should head to the south side of the lake, right in front of the water slide. The exact position of the bulge to be analysed is slightly higher than the water tower itself.

The rewards obtained from the treasure of this Fallout 76 map have been quite satisfying: We got a design for the Trapper armor legs, twelve .308-caliber bullets, and a Bolt-Action Pipe. It may not look like much, but in the haunted areas of West Virginia, you better make a virtue out of necessity.

Ash Heap Treasure Map Solution #01

To find the solution to this Fallout 76 map, you'll need to search south of the Ash Heap area. In case you don't know, the area in question is the blackened and charred area that you will find south of the game map. The place you need to find is the AMS Testing Site. It is right on Route 84, the road that winds through the nearby mountains.

If you look at the map, you will notice that the area is marked with an icon depicting a shovel and a crossed pickaxe. From there, you will need to head north, using the huge red crane. All you have to do is use the red crane visible on the horizon to guide your steps.

Head towards the huge crane, heading north and on the way you will come across the entrance to a tunnel. If you try to go through the passage in question, you will find that at some point gates will block your way, preventing you from going any further.

Fortunately, you will not have to go through that area. However, the entrance to the tunnel now mentioned will be a very valuable reference point for the treasure hunt. As you can see from the treasure map, the X marks the point on the embankment to the left of the tunnel entrance. This is exactly where you will have to find the bump in the ground, dig and finally find the treasure you are looking for.

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