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The new Dragon Ball game has small RPG elements, for example you can level up and unlock classes and abilities for any character when they reach a certain level. To do this you need to use soul enhancement.

When a soul boost is spent on a character, it increases various parameters such as health, attack, defense, ki moves, and more. The best part of these upgrade features is that you can upgrade any specific trait you want. You can then only increase the attack to inflict more damage or just the defense to be more resistant. The choice is yours.

In the game you will find two types of souls, one called Anima Rising and another called Super-Anima. Both types of souls appear in red, yellow, green, purple, blue and also in different levels like level 1, 2 and 3.

Rising Souls are used to unlock character boosts and classes, while Super Souls are used to take a character to the next level.

Dragon Ball Legends : How to get Souls

Earn Souls: To collect only souls you can play the Story mode that will give you a decent amount of souls, you can also repeat the chapters if you want to collect more. If you get bored with the story mode, you can play PvP mode and earn medals. These medals can be used in the store as a bargaining chip to earn souls.

Earn Rising Souls: If you want to earn Rising Souls, you only have to play the chapters you want in the Story mode. To earn higher level Rising Souls, unlock and play the story of Book 4 "The Saiyan's Teacher" by completing all the chapters.

Earn Super Souls: To earn Super Souls, complete Book 3 Radish's Revenge in story mode and then start Book 4 to earn Super Souls.

Once you have the souls, go to Characters and click Soul Boost, select the ones you want to level up and then select the parameters you want to upgrade. This way you can create your own characters.

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