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Dr. Mario World Complete Guide | After the success of Super Mario Run, here comes the new iOS and Android smartphones and tablets on the small iOS and Android screens. Doctor Mario World The puzzle game is a sequel to the award-winning Doctor Mario saga of the same name, a spin-off series parallel to the Super Mario series, which made its debut in 1990 on the Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy.

The success of the series in its almost 30 years of age has been considerable, making it a character playable in its own right in the final chapters of Super Smash Bros., with its own roaster of moves distinct from those available for the more classic Mario hydraulic version.

The new chapter of the saga, which sees us as usual in the role of doctors with the aim of defeating bacteria and viruses, is characterized by gameplay halfway between Tetris and Bomberman and will give us the opportunity to play all the most iconic characters in the series: from Mario to Bowser, through Yoshi, Toadette and even Bowser Jr. each with their own unique abilities that adapt to different styles of play.

Below is a small guide to how best to approach Nintendo's new free-to-play title.


  • Playable characters
  • Online mode
  • How to get hearts

How to download Dr. Mario World | To download the game, go to -> Google Play | App Store.

Playable characters in Dr. Mario World

There are ten different playable characters in Dr. Mario World, each with their own unique abilities (Luigi can destroy blocks by forming an "L", Peach can allow you to destroy entire vertical lines of Virus and Toad can select 10 random boxes and free them) that change if they are selected as assistants or in versus mode.

The list of selectable characters is as follows:

  • Dr. Mario
  • Dr. Peach
  • Dr. Luigi
  • Dr. Toad
  • Dr. Yoshi
  • Dr. Toadette
  • Dr. Wendy
  • Dr. Ludwig
  • Dr. Bowser
  • Dr. Bowser Jr.

When the first game starts, you'll be dealing with tutorial levels where you can select only Mario, Peach or Bowser.
From level 10 onwards you can choose your first character from the ten available, the others will be unlocked later, the choice depends of course exclusively on your style of play.

How to unlock the other Dr. Mario World characters

Lots of doctors, each with their own method of "treatment."

After completing level 20 and having freed the first world from viruses, it will be possible to "hire an assistant" and from that moment you will be given the opportunity to select a new character, obtainable through two systems: by paying 4000 coins, game money obtained simply by playing and completing the various levels, or 40 diamonds, the game's premium currency (purchasable with cash).

If you want to proceed only with your own strength, without ever resorting to microtransactions, it should be noted that the characters obtained will be random and could even happen those already present in your team, in that case the "doctor" in question will increase in level until you reach your level cap, at which point the character will disappear from the roster of characters obtainable.

Online Versus Mode

The online versus mode allows players to challenge their friends and casual players in real "medical duels".
Classified online games are unlocked only after level 20 is passed (considering the levels up to that moment, a sort of real tutorial), with the first assistant, in the pure free-to-play style.

That's because Nintendo wanted to make sure that players would first master the various game modes and special abilities of the different doctors in the world of Mario.

Getting and managing hearts in Dr. Mario

As soon as you download the game, the enthusiasm will be a thousand and as a result the desire to grind the levels one after the other will be really great.

The only way to play (excluding online games) is to use hearts.
Hearts, along with the skills of individual players, are essential to play the game, a bit like the ammunition in Metal Slug Defence and there are three ways to get them:


The most classic way to get hearts, rather than tokens and ammo in a free-to-play? Wait for it!
Waiting is perhaps the cheapest and safest way to get hearts, it doesn't even take that long, it only takes a few minutes to reach the necessary amount of hearts to play.

If you complete a level successfully, you will also get extra hearts and if you need to repeat the same level several times, losing all the hearts, just wait until the timer expires.

Don't you want to wait that long? Do you have better things to do than wait for the "nerve-wracking" countdown to expire? In that case there are two shortcuts to this problem.

Question Mark Boxes

Do you know the classic Super Mario boxes? The ones we've known since the days of Super Mario Bros., made of metal and with a big flashing bright question mark?
During the various levels of the game, you can find "mystery boxes", which if promptly broken, you can get up to 3 hearts for each level.


If you have neither the patience to wait a few minutes, nor the luck with the boxes mentioned above, you can always pay...

Like any good self-respecting free-to-play, Dr. Mario World has his fair share of microtransactions, through which you can buy diamonds useful not only to restore hearts immediately, but also to buy extra characters and level them faster.

Obviously we want to make it clear that this is not a pay to win for all intents and purposes: although micro transactions can actually facilitate the progression in the game, any goal in game can be achieved without paying a penny, simply by continuing to play.

Precisely for this reason, we strongly advise against anyone to take advantage of microtransactions, simply play the various stages, challenge your friends and most importantly, have fun!

Doctor Mario World is available from July 10th on iOS and Android platforms.
And what are you waiting for to put on your doctor's gown and stethoscope?

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